AUDIO: Purnell, Rivers Discuss Big Win

CHARLOTTE - Listen to Clemson head coach Oliver Purnell and K.C. Rivers discuss Saturday's win.

K.C. RIVERS: (:54)

"We had to come together as a team. We were like a unit out there. Everybody was communicating well together. We had slipups, we had mistakes but we covered it up for each other. They made runs but we made runs and we held our composure. We got it down to the last few minutes and then we took over. I knew about the 22 game winning streak because I was watching ESPN this morning but 46 years since having a shot at winning the championship? I said, 'wow' I didn't know that. 1962 is the last time. It's an opportunity and an honor for us to try and bring home a trophy to Clemson."


"In a lot of ways this was the best basketball game we've played all year long. You might say, the Boston College game last night, or the Alabama game earlier in the year but we beat a great basketball team who is used to these situations. They made big play after big play and we answered that. I really feel like peaking at the right time. I really can't think back on all the big plays, but I just thought we had that mentality and attitude and fighting and hard edge and hard hat all game long. Both teams were diving for lose balls and making big shots. We had nice balance inside and out. We made a few perimeter shots but the defense is what did it for us. Great win and we are looking forward to playing for the ACC Championship tomorrow." Top Stories