Purnell Discusses NCAA Tournament

CHARLOTTE - Listen to Clemson head coach Oliver Purnell discuss his team's No. 5 seed.


ON SEEDING: "Seeding definitely mattered because we've had a really good year. We think we've got a really good basketball team and deserved a high seed, based on our body of work for the entire year. But also with the way we've played down the stretch. That was important. Where we went, I wasn't going to worry about that. Five is a pretty good seed."

ON PLAYING IN TAMPA LAST YEAR: (St. Pete Times Forum) last season at the ACC Tournament: "I think the advantage is that it's not too terribly far away. I think any time you go east to west, for example, that's a little bit of a hardship. But this is certainly a good location. This is good."

ON A BITTERSWEET DAY AFTER LOSING TO UNC: "Absolutely. We were terribly disappointed at the end of the game (championship game vs. North Carolina) today. The bottom line is we didn't win that championship. But, we're playing at a high level. We set our goal to win a national championship, and now we have an opportunity to start on that quest this Friday."

ON VILLANOVA: "I've seen them in passing. It will be easy to gather tape on them. I'm sure my assistants have watched them play a bunch. I know they have outstanding guards. They've got some athletes on the front line and they are going to pose some interesting challenges. I saw the end of the Georgetown game and they lost on a very controversial call. So if you are playing with the likes of Georgetown, Syracuse and those folks you are obviously a good basketball team."

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