Sam Perry's NCAA Tournament Diary

TAMPA – Each day while Clemson is in the Sunshine State playing in the NCAA Tournament, Tigers senior forward Sam Perry will give an exclusive account of what he's been doing and what his thoughts are about those experiences.

Yesterday, we practiced again because Coach (Oliver Purnell) wasn't too pleased with our practice in Clemson yesterday morning. So when we got to the hotel, we went back to the gym even though we weren't supposed to. We were supposed to have the day off, but Coach wasn't pleased with the way we did things, so we went to the University of Tampa to do some things.

After practice, we settled into the hotel and got something to eat. We ate at a great restaurant last night. I think the name of it is Bennigan's. It was good. I had some nice shrimp and all that, so it was good. Then we started watching film (on Villanova). It was a pretty boring day. I wasn't pleased with my day yesterday. I wasn't pleased with my day at all.

I got up at 9:30 (this morning) and at breakfast at 10. We didn't have study hall because we're on spring break. After breakfast, we went to another shootaround at the University of Tampa. After practice we had a little free time, so Ray (Sykes), (David) Potter and myself, we went to the International Mall and did some good shopping. I bought two shirts and some shorts because it's summer time. I had a Macy's card, so I utilized it, you understand.

I haven't run into any crazy people here (like I did last year in New York City when I met a relative I didn't even know I had), but I'm not going to say that I won't. I'll probably run into somebody that'll say, ‘Hey, I know you and I know your dad.' But, no, I haven't run into anyone crazy this time.

It's a very different feeling here. You can tell it's a special time of year. Obviously, this is a feeling that we've never experienced. So it's new for me just as it's new for the freshmen. This is a great feeling. You can just feel it in the air and by watching it on TV and just seeing the other teams that you've never really seen in person. It's just a great feeling. You can just feel the buzz.

The last two years I was angry sitting at home watching it because I think that if we'd just won a few of those close games, we'd been in it. But it's a great feeling because this year I'm a part of it.

I'd don't have really anything planned for tonight just because our schedule is so compacted and I think they did that for a reason so that we wouldn't do anything fun. We'll get back to the hotel and eat and watch some film. I'm sure they're going to give us an early curfew.

- Sam Top Stories