BOWDEN: Taylor Back to Offense; Davis Out

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden after Monday's spring practice.


OPENING COMMENTS: James [Davis] has got a shoulder injury. He'll be out for the spring. He hurt it in the scrimmage Thursday. He hit somebody. It was a good collision between him and Chris Clemons.

PRE-SPRING SCRIMMAGE COMMENTS: Jeremy Campbell did good. He had two interceptions. Crezdon Butler had a tip. An interception off a tip. Richard Jackson probably kicked better than Mark [Buchholz].

ON RENDRICK TAYLOR MOVING TO OFFENSE: Rendrick is up to 242 so we are going to try him at tailback a little bit. We about did it last year. It is something we'll experiement with and try him there. He needs the ball in his hands. He feels comfortable with the ball in his hands. At linebacker he's trying to read whether it's I-formation or single-back. You have to feel all of that and see that. It's a complicated environment and very instinctive. So you never know. It's a tough position to play. We are going to try him there. It might be permanent. It might not. Spring is the time to do that stuff. There's no game next week. I'm trying to find a place he can play. He's 242 pounds. Most wide outs that size are 6-5 or 6-6. We are trying to find the right place for him and what will help him in his NFL career. We know he can play wide out. He can always play wide out but lets see if we can help him out.

ON TRYING HIM AT TIGHT END: Oh yeah [we thought about that.] Yeah. We had the J-back package last year and he got hurt. That's probably a better environment for him than out there.

STANLEY HUNTER UPDATE: He should be full-go Wednesday. He's got a doctor's appointment [tomorrow]. Top Stories