Spring Practice Insider

CLEMSON – CUTigers.com caught up with Rendrick Taylor, Clemson offensive line coach Brad Scott and a number of other players after practice Monday.

The experiment of Rendrick Taylor at linebacker officially came to an end Monday, just a few weeks after the senior had left his wide receiver position to see how the other half lived.

Taylor will likely spend the rest of the spring at running back due to the very low numbers at that position following the separated shoulder of James Davis in Thursday's scrimmage and the decision not to renew the scholarship of Ray Ray McElrathbey.

"We just want to get a look at him running the ball," Clemson receivers coach Dabo Swinney said. "He might be the next Brandon Jacobs (of the New York Giants) and we don't even know."

Taylor, who has had difficulty finding a true spot on offense since his sophomore season, said he called Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden during spring break to inform him that he wanted to move back to offense.

"I just told him that I wanted to move back to offense because my heart wasn't in it on defense," Taylor said. "I would have always wondered if I made a mistake if I wouldn't have tried things out on defense. But now I know for sure that I belong on offense."

Also helping in that decision was the fact that he probably wasn't going to see very much, if any, playing time at linebacker. The odds of him moving up the depth chart were extremely slim.

After Taylor's freshman year, which he played solely at receiver, offensive coordinator Rob Spence created a special position just for him called "Joker." It allowed Taylor to line up at fullback, H-back, receiver and tight end.

The plan was to create more mismatches with the defense, but that never really materialized. Over the last two seasons, Taylor has just 37 receptions for 411 and one touchdown.

However, injuries have also played a major role in his lack of stardom.

As a freshman, he broke his wrist and had to wear a cast most of the season. As a sophomore, he broke his arm and played in just seven games. This past season, he missed four games with a severely pulled hamstring.

All told, Taylor has missed 11 out of a possible 38 career games.

DAVIS OUT: Davis was wearing a very large brace and harness around his midsection and shoulder Monday evening and he told CUTigers.com that he separated it during the team's scrimmage on Thursday.

He said that he will be "fine," however he is out for the remainder of the spring. Early indications are he won't need surgery to repair it.

BACKYARD BRAWL: Rising redshirt freshman defensive end Kourtnei Brown was at the center of a massive brawl that took place between the offense and defense during practice.

Brown took exception to the way an offensive player grabbed him around the neck in a headlock-type move. When Brown broke free, he started stomping on the offensive player, which caused several offensive linemen to jump on Brown, which in turn caused several defensive players to join the fray.

The all out brawl lasted nearly five minutes before it could be broken up.

As one coach told CUTigers.com, "You don't want a bunch of nice guys on your team."

QUICK HITS: Rising redshirt freshman quarterback Willy Korn said that he was really hurt last season with a fractured collar bone. However, he said he has no clue why the team didn't and wouldn't officially release that information. …

Offensive line coach Brad Scott was a little disheartened at the play of his offensive line last Thursday during the scrimmage. When asked if he saw anything positive he responded, "The only thing I saw is that we have a chance to be pretty good on defense." …

Scott said Mason Cloy has been working a bunch at center and that David Smith was getting reps with the veterans because he's looked the best of all the young players. But Scott was quick to point out that Smith is still way behind in terms of knowing what to do.

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