BOWDEN: Offense Dominates Goal Line

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with reporters after practice Wednesday.


OPENING COMMENTS: Stanley Hunter, it was his first day live and he really did good. He kind of jumped off the radar and I'm pleased because we are kind of thin at tha tposition. You knew he was out there. Rendrick Taylor ran good out there today and so did C.J. [Spiller]. The reason the defense is still out there [running] is because the offense scored nearly every time in goal line. Da'Quan Bowers is starting to make a move.

MORE ON RENDRICK TAYLOR: You could always use a bigger back. The bigger the guy you are slamming up there the better chance you have of moving [the line]. That always helps. C.J. and James aren't real big guys but Rendrick and Jamie Harper are big guys.

DAVID SMITH: David Smith is making a move [at guard] and he's now running with the first team. He missed the first scrimmage with class but he's now running first team at left guard. Top Stories