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<img src=> Listen to Altroy Bodrick, Greg Walker, and running back Bernard Rambert break down the Tigers' peformance last week against Duke, talk about Charlie Whitehurst, and look forward to the game this weekend against North Carolina in these audio clips.

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ROV Altroy Bodrick
"The defense we saw last year for North Carolina had two first rounders. They took it to us last year, but this year they are a different team. Losing Durant hurt them a lot. But knowing North Carolina, they'll probably come out Saturday and have their best peformance," said Bodrick.

OL Greg Walker
"When everybody makes the decision that we have to win this game, we won. Charlie played extremely well and made good decisions, he stay in the pocket and made good throws. He's willing to step up and make the throw," said Walker. "He's was much more vocal than I have ever seen Willie get, when guys drop passes, he gets on them. When we miss a block, he gets on us."

RB Bernard Rambert
"I think Charlie will sit back there a little longer without taking off. He did what he had to do at Duke, and we got the win. We accept him because we don't have a choice, Coach Bowden makes the decision as to who starts and who doesn't," said Rambert.

QB Charlie Whitehurst
"I just prepare as hard as I can and I'll see what happens. I thought I was probably in the 200-yard range or something like that last week. I know we stalled a lot in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but we started clicking in the 4th and maybe that's a sign that our offense is coming around," said Whitehurst. Top Stories