Bowden Discusses Saturday Scrimmage

CLEMSON - Listen to Tommy Bowden talk about Saturday's scrimmage at Death Valley, which was called after 29 plays due to lightning.


OPENING COMMENTS: I challenged our pass rush on Wednesday or Friday. I think it was Friday. The difference in our short play [today] was the front four. The quarterback didn't have time to do nothing. If he wasn't sacked there were people in his face or people running by. They are an older group of guys that are experienced. They need to play that way on a consistent basis. They performed at a level today that made it awful disruptive. Some of it was Cloy, David Smith and Chris Hairston ... true freshmen and a redshirt freshman out there starting. A little bit of it was that. Jeremy Campbell had a good day. Gosh, that may be his position [at WILL]. He was a real productive player in high school and he's really stood out the last few days. Brandon Maye continues to good and Stanley Hunter is doing good. Those are three surprises at linebacker. DeAndre McDaniel did good today again.

ON MASON CLOY STARTING TODAY AT GUARD: We are trying to find the best guys. Also, you need to put him in there with that first group to see the chemistry and the calls and how they work. Just trying to find the best guys.

ON EXPERIMENTING IN SPRING: Spring is the time to do that. We are doing it with Mason, DeAndre, Jeremy, Rendrick, Bobby Hutchinson. You know, with Chad Diehl, is his best position on the line of scrimmage or off? He might be the best blocker on the line of scrimmage at the point of attack. The other guys, Linthicum and Palmer have better height. But with Diehl's body type, he has better leverage. Those are the things we need to know coming out of spring.

ON RENDRICK TAYLOR AT RUNNING BACK: He did a little bit better. He's got to run a little bit lower. When you are out there and you see things coming you need to lower your pads. But he's done very well and we've been really pleased with him. The angles at where he's getting hit are completely different [than what he is used to].

ON CULLEN HARPER: He made some pretty good throws today. I got a little mad at him early because when you have a purple shirt on you get that false sense of security sitting in there because you know they aren't going to blow the whistle. So you don't want to lose that sense of urgency. But he's performing very well. He made some really nice throws today into some tight pockets.

ON DA'QUAN BOWERS: It's going to be mental with him [getting a lot of playing time]. It's a different level than what he saw in high school. Surely he has the talent. His uncle died so he's going to have to go home for a day or two. He just found last night or today. Top Stories