BOWDEN: Taylor Progressing at RB

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media after Monday's practice and discussed the development of Rendrick Taylor at running back, Chad Diehl at H-back and more from Saturday's scrimmage.


MAKING UP TIME FROM SATURDAY'S SCRIMMAGE: We could have waited for about an hour and a half and come back out [on Saturday]. But that would have been too late. We got the film knocked out. Traditionally we haven't gone as long as we did today. But no you can't make it up.

MORE ON SATURDAY'S SCRIMMAGE: The biggest thing [Saturday] was the defensive pressure from the front four inside. I think we are going to be able to get some outside pressure between Sapp, Kourtnei, Alexander and Da'Quan. Rendrick Taylor is running a little better every day. He ran pretty good Saturday and he ran pretty good today.

TAYLOR STAYING AT TAILBACK? I kind of hope he does. We'll have to see. We have six or seven more practices. I kind of hope he does. At 242 pounds, it's probably the best position he can play if he wants to advance. That's a whole different [thing]. The next level for him he'll probably be inside instead of outside. As a runner. As a blocker, as a pass-protector but they don't always listen to me.

JOCKQUEZ MCKISSIC UPDATE AT TACKLE: [He looked] good [on film]. He's probably struggling the most because he's entirely new but he's doing better. But I hope he stays patient. And he has been but I hope he doesn't get too frustrated.

STANDOUT PLAYERS FROM MONDAY'S PRACTICE: We had a nice interception today by Crezdon Butler and Chris Chancellor. I think Chris Clemons had class today. DeAndre is still working at that glorified SAM position. But the corners, the big thing that stood out today were the corners.

ON CHAD DIEHL: Best blocker we've got. Toughest guy. Best technique of all. Probably the best blocker on the team. He stood right out [last year]. He hits you right down the mouth. A lot of them guys turn their shoulders or come right up to them and squat. He hits you dead center. He doesn't hit on the edges. He doesn't break down. He runs right through you. Top Stories