A Closer Look: Willy Korn

CLEMSON – It wasn't the best day for the offense or backup quarterback Willy Korn, but CUTigers.com breaks down every single passing play when Korn was in the game and also gets his thoughts on Monday's scrimmage in this report.

Keep in mind this breakdown doesn't include the goal line situations, which all were set up as either 3rd-and-goal at the 3 or 4th-and-goal at 1.

1st-and-10 at 31 – Korn runs a naked bootleg to his right and finds a wide open Paul Macko in the flat for a gain of 12 yards. The pass hits Macko right in the numbers.

2nd-and-9 at 44 – Korn is flushed from the pocket and rolls to his right before throwing the ball away. This would be a familiar theme on the afternoon.

3rd-and-9 at 44 – Korn attempts a 15-yard pass attempt down the right sideline that goes incomplete to Brandon Clear. Pass is thrown out of bounds, behind Clear.

1st-and-10 at 30 - Korn completes pass to Terrence Ashe. Pass could be ruled a lateral- gain of seven yards.

2nd-and-3 at the 37 -Korn completes screen pass to Nelson Faerber for a gain of four yards.

1st-and-10 at 41 – Pressure comes up the middle, Korn throws the ball away, but it is ruled sacked before the pass.

2nd-and-19 at 32 – Korn scrambles for a four-yard gain.

3rd-and-15 at 36 – Korn throws to his left, but the ball is batted by defensive end Da'Quan Bowers and it lands into the hands of Kourtnei Brown for an interception.

"Today wasn't my best scrimmage, by far," Korn said afterwards. "I wasn't throwing the ball as good as I have been. It was just a rough day offensively. (The second team) just didn't do a good job of moving the football today."

1st-and-10 at 25 – Korn runs a naked bootleg to his right and keep the ball for a 9-yard gain.

1st-and-10 at 15 – Poorly thrown screen pass to Marquan Jones, who has to lunge forward to catch it, which causes him to go to the ground untouched. The pass goes for a 2-yard loss.

2nd-and-17 at 22 – Korn is sacked by Scotty Cooper.

3rd-and-25 at 30 – The pass rush comes from all sides and Korn steps up in the pocket, where he is sacked again. It's the third time today.

"When you're first-and-10 and you run the football, you don't expect to lose a couple of yards," Korn said. "And that happened in a couple of situations today and some penalties. It just seemed like every time we got something going we'd shoot ourselves in the foot with a penalty or a lost-yardage play and that will kill drives."

1st-and-10 at 25 – Korn is forced to scramble to his left and throws it away. A sack, however, is awarded to Kevin Alexander on the play.

2nd-and-18 at 33 – Korn throws a screen pass to Jeff Ogren for a loss of 4 yards.

3rd-and-25 at 40 – Korn is forced to scramble to his left for a gain of three yards.

2nd-and-1 at 39 – Korn throws a screen pass to Terrance Ashe for a gain of eight yards.

1st-and-10 at 47 – Korn is sacked due in part because he held the ball too long to get rid of it.

2nd-and-16 at 41 – Korn gets pressure again and gets sacked.

3rd-and-24 at 33 – Korn gets hits second batted pass attempt of the day.

"He just didn't have a lot of time today," head coach Tommy Bowden said. "We had a quick whistle on the quarterback and sometimes you get a false impression of how much time you have. You're sitting back there and you're used to not getting hit and we need to make sure we eliminate that.

"There's an internal clock and about 2.8 seconds is what you have to get a ball off under normal circumstances and sometimes when you put a purple shirt on them, they don't feel the sense of urgency and the internal clock and it doesn't register like it should. And I think that was a problem today with him not having a good feel of how much time he had. He took a lot of sacks today that he might could have gotten off."

1st-and-10 at 30 – Korn throws a pass that sails over the head of Rendrick Taylor.

2nd-and-10 at 30 – Korn throws a pass on a skinny post to Brandon Clear that should been caught but sailed through his hands. The pass was thrown slightly behind Clear and would have been a tough catch.

3rd-and-10 at 30 – Korn throws his third bad pass of the series as this one is low and behind Ashe.

"We've got a lot of new guys in there (at offensive line) and a lot of redshirt freshmen," Korn said. "And when you redshirt, you don't get any exposure to the offense. You're either lifting (weights) or working the scout team. So it's really their first spring and really their first exposure to the offense.

"It's just going to take a matter of time. The protection is going to be really good. They're all extremely talented and we have one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation. The protection is going to be fine. I'm not worried about it. It's just going to take getting reps and gaining experience."

2nd-and-14 at 47 – Korn rolls to his right and throws a nice pass into traffic that is nearly caught by Marquan Jones.

3rd-and-14 at 47 – Korn is sacked for the sixth time.

2nd-and-12 at 48 – Korn rolls to his right and has to throw the ball away.

3rd-and-12 at 48 – Korn throws a nice pass to Jones and hits him in the numbers for a gain of seven yards.

2nd-and-8 at 48 – Korn is sacked for the seventh time.

3rd-and-15 at 45 – Korn saves his best for last as hit floats a deep ball perfectly over a couple of defenders into a very small space occupied by Jones, who hauls it in and dashes to the 5 for a 50 yard pass.

"The more throws you get, the more of a rhythm you're going to get in to," Korn said. "But it was tough to get into one today, especially the situations we were put in at third-and-long, second-and-long all the time."

Unofficially, Korn finishes his day 8-of-17 for 82 yards and an interception, but that included two lateral screen passes that could have been technically runs and not pass attempts.

"I know that if anything were ever to happen to Cullen and I went into the game, we wouldn't miss a beat," Korn said. "I know I can lead this team if I need to and I'm going to take that mindset. It's the same mindset I took into last season when Cullen was named the starter. I'm one ankle injury and one finger injury away from being the starter."

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