BOWDEN: Offense Wins Wednesday

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden after Wednesday's practice. Among the chief items up for discussion: the offensive line, Willy Korn, Da'Quan Bowers and scrimmaging teams from outside the ACC for spring games.


OPENING COMMENTS: Offensively, we kind of bounced back. They got the best of the defense today. On 1st-and-10, they would always crowd the box and they had success stopping the run but every time we attacked the perimeter we were successful. Then on goal line, offense won most of the time. Rendrick Taylor is running a little better. The backs are running well. But overall the offense pretty much won all situations, first team and second team.

DA'QUAN BOWERS READY TO PLAY? He's ready physically and mentally. He'll play. It's just a matter of whether it's going to be the eighth play or the first play. I've never had one look like that physically. He's got good flexibility, speed, acceleration and balance. It's not just the size. We've signed plenty of guys his size, but none with the skills he has.

BIGGEST THINGS LEARNED THIS SPRING: I think we have a pretty good idea of our offensive line and where the pegs are going to be put. We have a pretty good idea of who is going to start where when we start preparing for Alabama. And Jeremy Campbell ... he's going to be able to help us inside [linebacker] and we didn't know that.

FORMAT OF THE SPRING GAME: We've got the teams split up. We are going try to do it as realistic as possible. Where you have problems is punt protection because it's too chaotic. We are going to try to have kickoff coverage and kickoff return and all of that stuff. Other than that, it should be pretty much a game environment.

ONE BATTLE TO WATCH IN THE SPRING GAME: It's the offensive line. Where the dust settles there is going to be interesting. That's the one I'd keep my eye on.

ON SCRIMMAGING ANOTHER SCHOOL FOR THE SPRING GAME: Yeah, I'd like to scrimmage Tennessee or Georgia for the spring game. Give the money to Title IX or Olympic sports or charity or the university. It would be a great money making scheme. It really would. I don't know why they don't do it. We are going to have one anyway. It would be a huge benefit for our players. It's the closest you can get to a game-type environment for your players. We could take our young offensive line down there in Georgia's arena and then next year they come up here. You'd have 90,000. I don't know why the NCAA doesn't do that? It would be a great idea. Pick somebody you don't play so you aren't giving up any information.

ON INJURIES IF THE SPRING GAME WAS PLAYED AGAINST ANOTHER OPPONENT: He could do that in this game Saturday. He could have done that today. That's not a big factor. You play the game the same way. I may not play some of my top line guys in that scrimmage but I wouldn't in this one either. It would make a lot of money.

ON USING WILLY KORN IN THE FALL: We've got some ideas. Rob has come up with a couple of things but I'd rather not say what they are. Top Stories