Hanging Out with the Guys

One of the top defensive ends in the nation traveled back to Clemson on Saturday. Who did he spend most of the day with and what did he think of his trip?

DE Sam Montgomery Profile

The nation's No. 6 defensive end according to Scout.com, Sam Montgomery, visited Clemson on Saturday for the spring game.

"It was pretty fun," I spent the majority of the time just hanging around with the guys. I just hung out with J.K. Jay and Roderick [McDowell]. We had a real good time."

The prize recruit spoke briefly with Ricky Sapp at halftime.

"We just talked for a minute. We were supposed to talk after the game, but I couldn't find him," said Montgomery.

Several players stood out with their Orange White performances.

"Bowers and Sapp did a real good job. I think they each had two sacks if I'm not mistaken. Xavier, my former Greenwood teammate played well. He caught a lot of balls," said Montgomery.

Although Xavier transferred to Byrnes for his senior year, Sam does have a good relationship with the former Greenwood standout.

"I knew him pretty well," he said. "We played basketball together. He was a pretty quiet guy then but he has really opened up."

The top 100 prospect has also gotten to be good friends with Clemson commit J.K. Jay.

"If you ask me personally I consider him like more of a brother. He has a great work ethic. You look at him and all you see is his muscles and size, but he has good morals. He is not just a killer on the field. I would like to see my work ethic go up to where his is. I look forward to getting to go up against him on the field one day," said Montgomery.

A trip to Columbia could be on tap for next weekend.

"I really don't know what is next," he said. "South Carolina has their spring game next weekend. I was supposed to go down there with a teammate, but I really don't know.

"I am going to sit down Monday and look at the calendar. I need to start setting some dates. I need to start getting everything planned.

"I still want to wait it out for a while. That is getting tougher, but I'm waiting it out. A little more pressure comes now to make a decision."

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