JackSmack: Issue #53

Well Clemson Tiger football, thanks for the scare of a lifetime. It took Charlie Whitehurst setting school records in completions (34) and yards (420) to escape the lowly Duke Blue Devils by 3 points. Why isn't anybody else asking what has gone wrong with our defense?

The team that played with Georgia and Florida State has to score 21 points in just over 4 minutes to get back in the game against a school with a 23-game ACC losing streak.

Honestly, that has to be the most embarrassing victory I may have seen in the last 5 years. So now we are 5-4 overall, and 3-3 in the ACC and we are currently listed as -8 ½ point favorites going into Chapel Hill this weekend.

I won't be the first to tell you that we simply can't lose this game.

On to the rest of college football, where nationally things are starting to shape up for the BCS. Don't worry about the ‘Canes. If they win out, they will pass Ohio State, and if I'm wrong, they have no one to blame but themselves.

Notre Dame got a dose of their own medicine after Boston College seemingly had the "luck of the Irish" last Saturday. Pittsburgh looked solid in giving Virginia Tech it's first loss of the year, and I loved watching the Gators give UGA it's first loss as well. That 2 quarterback system came back to bite you, didn't it, Richt?

Unbelievably, N.C. State was handed it's first loss by an average Georgia Tech team.

Also, OU again looked really solid in trouncing Colorado, as did Ohio State against Minnesota. Washington State waxed Arizona State to get 1st place in the Pac-Ten.

As for my picks, they were solid except for Minnesota. My pick of the week hit again and that puts me overall at (17-16) and (6-2) on picks of the week. This week, I like 5 college games: South Carolina (+3) vs. Arkansas, Kentucky (+5) vs. LSU, Minnesota (+7) vs. Michigan, Colorado (-4) @ Mizzou, while my pick of the week is West Virginia (-3 ½) over Boston College.

Games to keep track of this Saturday:
Miami (-9) @ Tennessee
OU (-10) @ Texas A&M
(15) Oregon @ (5) Washington State (-5)
(11) Michigan (-7) @ Minnesota
(13) N.C. State @ (25) Maryland (-6)
(14) LSU (-5) @ Kentucky
(18) FSU (-6 ½) @ GT
(21) Colorado (-4) @ Mizzou

On to the NFL, where teams are starting to step up or step down. Let's go through the divisions:

East: Miami is only a ½ game up on New England, and 1 up on the Bills.

North: Pittsburgh pushed its lead up to 1 ½ over Cleveland and 2 over the Ravens.

South: The Titans beat Indy to tie for 1st at (4-4), both 1 game up on Jacksonville.

West: SD fell into a tie with Denver at (6-2), while Oakland and KC are both (4-4).

East: Philly held a 1 game lead over the Giants as both won. The Redskins are lurking.

North: Green Bay still has a huge lead and looks real good right now.

South: TB goes up a ½ game on the idle Saints. The Falcons are lurking.

West: San Fran went up 2 games over Arizona. The Rams are lurking.

--The Falcons and Steelers have both won 4 in a row and play each other this week.

--The Rams have won 3 in a row and may be turning the corner.

--The Colts have lost 3 in a row and look downright awful.

--Jacksonville and Oakland have both lost 4 in a row.

--Chicago has lost 6 in a row.

As for my picks, they weren't bad last week, I just picked the wrong one as my pick of the week. The Eagles missed the cover by one point, but Cincy and the Giants covered easy. Overall, I am (11-10) and (2-5) on picks of the week. This week, I like Philly (-9) vs. Indy and Arizona (-3 ½) vs. Seattle. My pick of the week is NE (-3 ½) @ Chicago.

Games to keep an eye on this weekend:
Indy @ Philly
Atlanta @ Pittsburgh
San Diego @ St. Louis
Washington @ Jacksonville
New England @ Chicago
Kansas City @ San Francisco
Miami @ NYJ
Oakland @ Denver

Have a nice weekend, and feel free to drop me a line whether you agree or disagree with my assessment of anything in this article. That's why I leave my e-mail, I saw where some ignorant fool called me out on something on the message boards, but I want it on e-mail. So let's go one on one and if you're arguments are intelligent and thought out, then I might respond to you in my article and make you famous.


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