Q&A with Justin Miller

True freshman cornerback Justin Miller is putting up All-ACC statistics with 48 total tackles, 7 passes broken up, and 5 interceptions, but how does he feel about the Tigers' chances this week against the 16th ranked Maryland Terrapins?

How does it feel to play another ranked team on national television this week?
Miller: We need a chance to beat a ranked team and get out there and show that we can go out and win. We've started out good at times there this year, now we just need to go out and finish well.

Has Coach Bowden made that an emphasis this week, beating a ranked team?
Miller: Yeah, we've heard it all year in every game we've gone into against a ranked team. We talked about we really need a win against a ranked team and how that would boost our confidence.

Is it even bigger against Maryland because they are one of the hottest teams in the country?
Miller: I think so. Maryland won the ACC last year, they came and they did well. A lot of people thought they were a cinderella story last year, but now they are doing the same thing again this year and they are on a seven game winning streak.

How strange is their offense, they mix in some option and different formations?
Miller: I think it's more run oriented then a lot of the teams we play against. It kind of reminds more of when I was in high school when you face teams that run the winged-T. When you get to college you see a lot of passing and offenses that are spread out. I think we just have to get out there and play like our defense has played all year.

Why is this week any different than the other weeks when you've played a ranked team on national television?
Miller: I don't know. I guess it's because we really want to win and we've won two straight. A win would really keep us rolling going into the rest of our games. It's not really different than any other games, you just have to play like you can win and know that you are capable of winning.

Have you noticed that teams have started to shy away from you the last few games?
Miller: I think a little bit yeah. The beginning of the Duke game they passed a lot using a lot of underneath routes and things like that, but after halftime we adjusted and they started shying away. Same thing at North Carolina when I got the interception. Intercepting the ball early kind of set the tone that he really wasn't going to get any deep routes on me.

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