Top 2010 QB Talks Recruiting

CHARLOTTE - caught up with one of the top quarterback prospects emerging on Clemson's 2010 recruiting board Saturday at the Combine in Charlotte.

QB Anthony Boone Profile

Looking for the next big thing in the world of college football recruiting? Check out Weddington (N.C.) High School signal caller Anthony Boone.

Boone, who officially checked in at 6-0 1/2 inches and 216 pounds as the Combine in Charlotte last Saturday, has thrown for over 4,000 yards in his first two years of high school football- and that's just the beginning.

He has one of the strongest arms in the south and is widely considered as one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks available for the class of 2010 as well.

Furthermore, he's already hearing from many schools in the recruiting process, including Clemson, Auburn, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

He's also viewed as a Major League Baseball prospect and is one of the top power hitters in the Tar Heel State- and again- he's only a rising junior. caught up with the rising junior shortly before Saturday's combine to get his latest thoughts on recruiting, his upcoming junior season and more.

A transcript of the interview has been provided below, or you can the interview by clicking the link to the right.

Anthony what would you like to get out of the combine today?
Boone: I want to get some good 40 times today. I want to do some good one-on-one stuff and show my arm off a little bit.

Who are some of the schools you are hearing from now?
Boone: I am hearing a lot from Virginia Tech, from Clemson. I have heard from Duke, Auburn and LSU once or twice.

What is your best 40 time?
Boone: The last time I ran it was a 4.8. Hopefully today I can run about a 4.7 or 4.65.

Where do you plan to go to camp this summer?
Boone: I plan to go back to South Carolina. I plan to go out to Clemson for a one-day camp. I plan on going to Virginia Tech a little bit and maybe Auburn.

What type of quarterback are you?
Boone: Excitement, I love excitement. I like scrambling. I like to throw on the run, to throw when people least expect it. I run when I can. I don't run out of bounds. I drop my shoulder and make something happen.

We heard you already have a pretty good friendship with one of the other top players in the class of 2010 from this area in LB Prince Shembo. Talk about what he brings to the table.
Boone: We have a good relationship. He is real competitive on the field. He brings fear in my eyes and I bring fear in his. It is a pretty even battle when we play.
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