Future 5-Star in Clemson's Backyard?

One of the top prospects in the south for the class of 2010 could be sitting in Clemson's own backyard. He's also related to one of one of the top wide receivers in Clemson football history.

WR/DB DeAndre Hopkins Profile

Simply put, scouting combines are a great place to confirm previous thoughts indentified on tape. A 6-2 wide receiver prospect says he has 4.4 speed and caught 12 touchdowns as a junior? A linebacker with 4.5 speed weighing in at 240 pounds ... those kinds of skills are usually going to show up in a big way at a combine.

Combines are also a good place to uncover hidden gems or young players that have yet to emerge on the recruiting scene.

One such player identified at the Scout.com/Under-Armour Combine this past Saturday in Charlotte was DeAndre Hopkins, a standout wide receiver prospect from right in Clemson's own backyard at Daniel High School.

Hopkins put on a dazzling display at times and was called by one scout as the best receiver among the 160+ prospects in attendance and likely a future five-star prospect.

He also excelled on defense, where he challenge the No. 2 safety in the nation in one-on-one drills and came away with the upper hand as many times as Holloman did.

You can part of that one-on-one matchup by clicking the following link: .

Afterwards Hopkins spoke with CUTigers.com of his performance.

"I did okay," he told CUTigers.com. "I had a great time. I went up against one of the top safeties in the country, Devonte Holloman. I think I did ok."

The super sophomore showed at the combine that he could be one of the top receivers in the nation next year.

"I like to play both positions," he said. "I play defensive back on my team. I played a little receiver, but not much. I really liked playing receiver. I hope I will get to play more offense this year."

Hopkins was a bigger factor on defense last year for the 11-2 Lions but still managed to bring in 12 catches for 271 yards and four touchdowns. On defense, he was partly responsible for the Daniel secondary recording a mind-boggling 29 interceptions, including 14 brought in my Hopkins himself.

And as you might expect DeAndre grew up a huge Clemson fan.

"Yes sir, I am a big Clemson fan. I have been a Clemson fan my whole life. Terry Smith was a receiver at Clemson and he is my uncle," said Hopkins. "And I go to pretty much all of the home games."

The talented athlete has also already been identified as a national recruit in basketball. Is there a chance he could play both sports at the next level?

"I don't think I will do both. I will be better off to choose one sport. I don't know which one yet," replied Hopkins.

On the gridiron, a number of schools are already showing interest in the rising junior.

"A lot of schools are showing interest. Auburn, Virginia, South Carolina and Clemson are some of the schools," he said. "I am going to a bunch of 7-on-7 tournaments this summer. We are going to Clemson, Tennessee and Presbyterian."

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