Devonte Holloman Recruiting Diary

"After I committed it was stressful," Holloman said. "I had a lot of people calling. I had to talk to a lot of family. It seemed like the same stuff over and over. It has died down some."

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We are planning a big party to celebrate. I got a couple of gifts from family and friends. I got a couple of Clemson shirts and a Clemson cap.

I don't have to worry about pressure from other schools. My coach is shutting everyone off. He is not allowing any visitors. The only coach I keep in touch with is coach Brown from Notre Dame. We just built a good friendship. We talk about things other than football.

Now I am playing the role of recruiter. I have a list of guys I am talking to. Some of those guys are Morgan Newton, Brandon Thomas, Jheranie Boyd and Stephon Gilmore.

I talked with Stephon earlier today. He told me how he had about 20 coaches there today. I don't think he's ready to commit yet.

I also talked to Brandon Thomas today. He was talking a lot about Clemson and some other ACC schools. I think Clemson is in good shape.

I am probably going to camp on June 11 at Clemson. I will probably go down for just one day, but I might stay for all three.

I have about two more weeks of school. I am getting ready for exams.

I am going to an AAU tourney this weekend in Greenville. We will be down there until Sunday. At least I have Monday off school. Top Stories