Updated Devonte Holloman Diary

We had our weight training exam today. Everybody came in and worked hard for an hour and a half. Then we went up and played some basketball. I benched 285 and squatted 435 today. I have been working to get stronger.

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I got hold of [QB] Morgan Newton finally last week. He called me back. We chatted for about 10 to 20 minutes. He is a cool dude. Most of his top schools are in the ACC and SEC.

I have been getting to know a lot more of the prospects lately. I try not to be seen as a recruiter. I just get to know them and try to help them out where I can. I put in a few words here or there for Clemson, but I don't put on any pressure. I don't want the guys thinking that is all I want to talk about.

I got hold of Craig [Loston] also. I meant to ask him which session he will attend. I will check with coach Napier to see.

I know J.K. Jay and Tyler Shatley are going to the first session now. I know Jheranie Boyd is coming to the second session.

I want to make sure I pick the right session. I can make it to either. I am going to talk to coach Napier to see which session would be the best.

I am almost done with school. I had my French exam on Monday. I had weight training today. I have computer engineering tomorrow and then math on Thursday. That will be my last day of school.

We played in an AAU tournament last weekend in Greensboro. We had some good competition in that one. We won the championship, but it was a closer game.

This summer I plan to get a job at the hospital. I am going to do a little work to make some money.

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