2007 & '08 Sleepers?

Every year, every class has them - sleepers. Players who come in underrated or far enough under the radar hardly a soul is mentioning them a possible future star. CUTigers.com reveals five players from the past two recruiting classes who could be the biggest "sleepers" in recent memory.

#1. LB Brandon Maye

- The secret is already out on Brandon Maye- he's lean, he's mean and he's ready to wreak havoc on the rest of the ACC this fall. What he lacks in experience he'll make up for in toughness and athleticism. A former two-star prospect, Maye ranks No. 1 on our list because he'll be the starting middle linebacker for most, if not all of the 2008 season. The staff views him as a younger version of Anthony Waters.

#2. H-Back Chad Diehl

- When Mr. Do Everything for Byrnes signed with Clemson last year, most fans thought it was a nice afterthought to superstar quarterback Willy Korn. Turns out, Diehl is one of the best pure blockers on the team and he'll only be a freshman this year after being injured early last season. It's been a while since Clemson has had a utility player like Diehl, but if ever there's been a player that reminds you of Clemson teams from the 1980's- he would be it. The stats may not show it at the end of the year, but Chad "Dirty Work" Diehl could be one of the Tigers' unsung heros if they win an ACC championship this season.

#3. LB Tarik Rollins

- Rollins would have been ranked much higher had a knee injury not kept him out of his senior season. None the less, he enrolled at Clemson in January, watched from the sidelines during spring practice, and is now ready to see what he can do during preseason camp. While he's likely looking at a redshirt season, Rollins has just as much potential as any linebacker on Clemson's 2008 roster.

#4. S Rashard Hall

- Hall arrives at Clemson in less than a month and with a good showing during preseason camp, could nab a spot on the two deep. Physically speaking, the transition shouldn't be as tough for the three-star standout as most prospects, and Clemson needs help establishing depth behind Chris Clemons and Mike Hamlin.

#5. QB Jon Richt

- Jon Richt you say? Jon Richt? Yes- Jon Richt. Call him the Cullen Harper of the 2008 recruiting class. When Harper arrived in 2004, there was more hype surrounding the other quarterback signed in Tribble Reese. Four years later it's Harper who has earned All-ACC honors and smashed school records in just one year as a starter. Richt has worked as hard as anybody in the weight room over the course of the last 18 months and is an extremely accurate passer.

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