Page Rehab Going Well

Future Clemson offensive lineman Kenneth Page is starting to lift weights for the first time in several months after having offseason shoulder surgery.

OL Kenneth Page Profile

"My workouts have been going good," Page told in a recent interview. "I just got back to lifting after a lot of rehab on my shoulder. My weight is about 290 right now."

Earlier this year Page had surgery on his shoulder.

"My rehab went very well. I am looking at a full recovery. I don't have any pain in my shoulder," said Page.

In just two weeks it will be time to head to Clemson.

"Yeah I am heading up in about two weeks," he said. "I will be rooming with Antoine McClain, Dwayne Allen and Brandon Thompson.

"I am just ready for the great family atmosphere. I am ready to become part of the Clemson family. I'm looking forward to it."

Clemson offensive line coach Brad Scott and the other Clemson coaches are eager to get Kenneth on campus.

"They are ready for me to get up there. They can't wait for me to get there and start practicing with the team," said Page.

How does the three-star prospect feel about leaving home for the first time?

"It is going to be tough at first. I will be a little home sick at first even though it is only two hours away," replied Page. Over the past few months the Shrine Bowl standout has talked with two of his future offensive line teammates.

"I haven't talked to anyone recently. Antoine and Dalton are the ones I know the best. I have talked with them the most," said Page. Top Stories