Nelson Talks About Clemson Visit

Crestwood linebacker/strong safety Maurice Nelson and several other big recruits were in Clemson last night to see the Tigers take on Maryland. Hear what Nelson had to say about the Tigers, as well as additional comments on Marcus Howard and Russell Hemby in this report.

SS Maurice Nelson
6-1, 205, 4.55
Crestwood High School
Sumter, South Carolina

Maurice Nelson had the chance to take in the Tigers' game last night against the Maryland Terrapins, just one night after he saw his high school career come to an end in a 42-7 loss to Byrnes High School in the Class 4A playoffs.

He finished his senior season at Crestwood recording over 100 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 fumble recoveries, and an interception.

Nelson, who is being recruited as a rover/strong safety, was one of the first recruits on the field last night. He took in the pregame warmups with several members of his family by his side before heading up to the stands. Defensive coordinator John Lovett also stopped by and talked with Maurice for an extensive amount of time.

Here's the latest on one of the Tigers' top defensive prospects for the 2003 recruiting class.

What did you think about the game last night?
Nelson: Man, I don't know. At first the defense did pretty good, but all of those field goals didn't cut it. The defense looked like they were getting tired and worn out.

Which coaches did you have the chance to talk to?
Nelson: I talked to Coach Lovett and Coach Stockstill last night.

Is Clemson still your leader?
Nelson: (Long pause) Yeah, I think I can come in help them out.

Who would be your current top 5?
Nelson: No changes really, just the schools that I'm taking my official visits to. Clemson, South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, and Vanderbilt.

When will you be looking to decide on your school of choice?
Nelson: After I take all my visits. I want to see everything that's out there before I make a decision.

How do feel like your senior year went?
Nelson: As a team I thought that our senior class came in wanting to win, but our supporting class didn't really show up at times. We fought strong for some games and we were ready to play. We just played average at times. I think we got caught in a dog fight for a couple of games that we didn't pull out.

What about Demetrius Morant? Is he still interested in Clemson?
Nelson: Well he didn't make up to Clemson this weekend, I know that. He likes N.C. State and Clemson but he hasn't talked about to me too much lately.

Did you have the chance to talk to any other recruits at the game last night?
Nelson: Yeah, Marcus Howard and Russell Hemby.

What did Marcus have to say?
Nelson: He basically said that it will come down to Clemson and Georgia. He likes both schools. Russell still doesn't have an offer yet I don't think.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Maurice Nelson for taking the time to speak with us Sunday evening. Top Stories