DIARY: Holloman Talks Visit, Gilmore

In his latest diary for CUTigers.com, five-star safety Devonte Holloman talks about Stephon Gilmore and his new top three schools, as well as a recent unofficial visit to Clemson.

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Things are going great. I am loving it down here at South Pointe.

The players are real cool. The coaches are real cool. They have all really accepted me. It is a fresh start for me. I feel rejuvenated. I have learning some new techniques and trying to take advantage of this fresh start.

I have been playing 7-on-7 with the team. Today I got my first action at quarterback and receiver. If I had been doing this all along I probably would have been recruited as an athlete. I got to play some quarterback last year, but I didn't really get to show what I can do. This year I will get to throw it more.

Stephon loves that I am playing some quarterback. That allows him to do some other stuff as well. He likes to showcase what he can do.

I am going up tomorrow to watch Independence practice and see the guys. We have all been through a lot together. They aren't going to let me go. We will stay close.

I have been talking a lot with Stephon. I can tell you he has a top three now and Clemson is in it.

I went down to Clemson on Wednesday. I brought Stephon and another teammate Dominique Walker down with me. I wasn't going down there without Stephon. Dominique also transferred from Independence to South Point.

We got to see coach Napier and we spent the night with Mike Hamlin and came back on Thursday. We had a great time down there.

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