Q&A with Jamie Harper

CLEMSON - Freshman running back Jamie Harper talks about his first weeks on campus and offseason workouts.

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What are some of your initial thoughts on being out here and getting your freshman season going?
Harper: I'm coming in just trying to work hard with the other freshmen and I'm just trying to get acquainted with the other football players and make this work. Everybody's goal here is to win a National Championship so we are trying to help out as much as we can to get there.

How have James and C.J. been to you since you've been here and are you expecting to play this season?
Harper: Definitely. I'm expecting to get some playing time. They are leaders on both sides of the ball and everybody looks up to them and I'm just trying to follow in their footsteps. It's like a big family around here and it just feels good to be in this kind of atmosphere.

Do you think this will be a big adjustment for you having to go from "the man" in high school to now third in line here?
Harper: No sir because I feel like I wouldn't be a player [in that case]. Because a player has to be coachable at all times. If you can't step back and be a role player and try to learn the game at first then you aren't really a player. So, no it won't be an adjustment for me.

Jamie Harper, the No. 5 running back in the nation in the class of 2008 according to Scout.com, is currently at 233 pounds and will wear No. 45 this season.
This team already has 190-pound C.J. Spiller and 200-pound James Davis and Coach Bowden said your size sets you apart. Is that how you look at this in terms of playing time?
Harper: Definitely. My size is a big factor coming in. I'm trying to get to 225 but right now I'm 233. We have a great strength coach in Coach Batson and he stays on us freshmen kind of hard coming in.

Are you feeling that 233 in offseason workouts so far?
Harper: Not really. I've been working hard this summer. It's been smooth so far.

What's one of the biggest changes you notice compared to the high school game out here?
Harper: The speed. The speed of the game picks up tremendously. In high school you have kids that don't like to work but here everybody works. They'll push you until you can't work anymore out here. It's like a big family.

Does it make a little easier coming up to Clemson considering the guys you know already from Florida- like Daniel Andrews, Kyle Parker, etc.
Harper: It's a lot of us up here that I know. Rashard Hall, Carlton Lewis. I played in the Under-Armour game with Da'Quan and Kyle Parker and Andre. We started the Clemson family there and brought it up here to South Carolina.

What's your level of comfort with the play book right now? I know it's early but is it kind of overwhelming?
Harper: I'm still working on it. J.D. and C.J. have been helping me out. Running plays come natural. But passing routes and things like that.

Do you have a firm grasp on the expectations here? Clemson is expected to win the ACC this year and some people have even said you guys could contend for a National Championship.
Harper: Definitely. In the past couple of years we've been three or four plays away from a AC championship. Coming off of that with the tremendous defense we have. I like that. I like the expectations.

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