AUDIO: Mike Hamlin

GREENSBORO, Ga. - Listen to and read what Clemson safety Mike Hamlin had to say Sunday.


Has Coach Bowden talked to you guys at all about fixing this trend of not letting the season end without a championship again?
Hamlin: Not really. He's kind of laid back. He'll mention something about the hype we have and try to keep everything positive. He's not the emotional-type of guy and let the leaders develop habits.

What would a win over Alabama mean to this team to start the season?
Hamlin: I feel like it would show to many people that we are just as good as many people think. I know a lot of people will be hyped up at the beginning of the year. If we go out and beat Alabama then we'll show everybody we are as good as they think. The goals for this team right now- is the ACC Championship or is the picture a little bit bigger than that?
Hamlin: We are thinking the bigger picture right now. But in order to get to the big game, we have to win the ACC first. The ACC is our destination right now. Top Stories