"Could see myself at Clemson"

One of the fastest linebackers available in the 2009 recruiting class made a stop in Clemson last week as he toured colleges around the Southeast. What did he think of Tigertown? CUTigers.com has the details.

LB Frankie Telfort Profile

The nation's No. 8 WLB has been taking a summer visit tour with several other south Florida standouts, including a stop to Clemson last week.

"It was nice at Clemson," linebacker Frankie Telfort told CUTigers.com in a recent interview. "I got to see some good scenery. I liked everything I saw."

What did the top linebacker like about Clemson the best?

"I liked the facilities at Clemson. It is a small town. I could really see myself there at Clemson," replied Telfort.

The visit provided the opportunity to talk with two members of the Clemson staff.

"I got to talk with coach Bowden and coach Blackwell who is my recruiter. Coach Bowden is down to earth. He was telling me about a lot of diversity they have at Clemson. It is a small town, but it gets crazy in Death Valley when they have games," said Telfort.

"I hope to get back up to Clemson for a game this fall."

Telfort's upcoming visit tour includes stops at several other schools in the Southeast.

"Right now we are at South Florida. We have visited Florida State, South Carolina and Tennessee on the trip already," said Telfort.

When asked about his current favorites, Telfort responded, "I don't have a top five yet. I will have it by the end of the summer."

What stands out the most for the prize recruit during his trip?

"It is just how much I have learned about the different schools," Telfort said. "I got to ask a lot of the questions I needed to answer. I found out which schools have my major. I would like to major in Pharmacy. The trip helped narrow things down some."

Telfort missed half of his junior season because of a torn right thumb ligament, yet still managed to have 66 tackles, four fumbles caused and two fumbles recovered. He played the remainder of the season in a cast.

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