Hall Still Visting Clemson?

One of Ohio's top offensive linemen visited Boston College this past weekend, but what about the Clemson Tigers? Is an official visit still planned for this weekend's game against South Carolina or what about the big weekend of January 10th? Details inside!

OL Ty Hall
6-5, 279, 4.9
Anderson High School
Anderson, Ohio

Ty Hall has been receiving steady interest from schools all across the country for a long time, but only now is the recruiting pressure really starting to heat up. Hall took one official visit to Boston College last weekend, and now he's left with the task of determining which schools will get his remaining four visits.

Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? Well, it's not- especially when you get mail by the pound and constant phone calls from college coaches and media. CUTigers.com had the chance to speak with Ty late Wednesday evening to see how everything is shaping up headed into late November.

I saw where you guys lost in the first round of the playoffs, what happened?
Hall: I can't believe we lost, we should have beaten that team by about 25 points but we just didn't get the job done and lost 13-7. We were throwing the ball alot that game and it just didn't work out I guess.

Are you going to play basketball this year?
Hall: Nah, the doctor said I shouldn't play because of that injury I had to my shoulder early in the season. I'm just concentrating on football right now.

What schools are recruiting you the hardest right now?
Hall: (laughs) It's still a bunch. Illinois is coming on strong, I just took my official visit to Boston College and had a great time, South Carolina is starting to recruit me hard too, I've get hand written letters from South Carolina everyday. I haven't been getting the letters from Clemson, but I still get the phone calls from Coach Watts.

Who else is still in the mix besides those schools?
Hall: Vanderbilt is still in there and Northwestern is recruiting me hard too. The tough thing is that I've got to figure out where I'm going to take these next four visits. Wake Forest and Stanford are recruiting me hard, and so is Pittsburgh. I kind of wish that I had only one scholarship because it's coming in from every direction right now.

Tell us about the trip up to Boston College.
Hall: Well we did the dinners and stuff, and had the great food and went out with the players and had a good time. I went to the game (against Syracuse) and had a good time, and I really liked the coaches. I really like how everything went up there.

Which Clemson coaches have been in contact with you most recently?
Hall: Mainly Coach Watts, I get phone calls pretty much every week from him. I've gotten some from Coach West too.

What are those conversations like at this point in the recruiting process?
Hall: Mostly we'll just about what's been going on with our season or which position I would play down there. They want me as a guard but I really have no preference.

Are you planning on coming down this weekend for the Clemson-Carolina game?
Hall: I wanted too, but my coach wanted to go to the Miami (Ohio) game there because his son is the assistant maganer so we aren't going. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to do it. They pushed that kickoff time back so late too.

What about an official visit to Clemson? Is that still in the works?
Hall: Nothing is set in stone right now. The only one that has been set in stone is the one I just took to Boston College.

The last time we talked, you said that you would ideally like to committ somewhere sooner rather than later, will January 10th be too late?
Hall: I don't know. I very well may have already committed by then. It could be, but right now I just don't know. I really like Boston College and how that went, but I need to take some more official visits to see what's it all about.

Quick Note
Ty confirmed in a telephone conversation after this interview late Wednesday evening that he will in fact, visit Clemson officially on January 10th.

"I haven't even told the coaches (at Clemson) yet," said Hall. "I've decided that I'll visit Illinois, Wake Forest, Clemson, and Vanderbilt. That will be it."

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