Saban at SEC Media Days

BIRMINGHAM - Alabama head coach talks about the upcoming season, Clemson.


ON CLEMSON: Clemson is an outstanding team. A top 10 team picked to the win the ACC. They have some fantastic players returning. Tommy has done a great job there and is a very good coach. Philosophically it will be a very good test to see where we are in the early part of the season. The exposure is obviously great. Philosophically, I think when you play 12 games; one of those games should be something that gives your program and your team and your fans a challenge. We are certainly going to get our fill of that in Atlanta playing Clemson. We are happy to be in the game. I know there is speculation that we might play Virginia Tech [in Atlanta] next year but we are having difficulty with our schedule getting that worked out but philosophically we'd like to do that because we'd like to play one team like that every year. Top Stories