Ready for Some Football

Like most of the rising seniors around the nation, J.K. Jay is preparing for his last season of high school football.

OL J.K. Jay Profile

But after a year away from the field due to a broken ankle suffered during a preseason scrimmage, the four-star standout is especially anxious to hit the field.

"We start two-a-days this Friday," he told in a recent interview. "I am thrilled. I can't wait. To be honest it can't get here soon enough. After having last year off I am ready to suit up."

Even though's No. 17 offensive tackle has been committed to Clemson for over a year, the coaching staff has been working hard to let J.K. know how much they want him in orange.

"I have gotten a letter from every coach on the staff this week. I talked to coach Scott last week. He told me how proud he was of what he saw from me at camp," said Jay.

The Christ Church standout has kept in touch with a few new friends he made at the Clemson camp.

"I have been talking some with Robert Crisp and Jheranie Boyd. I think we are in good shape with Jheranie, but I know he has taken some other visits. Malliciah [Goodman] and I got to be close with him at camp. I think Robert loved it at Clemson. He will shop around some and enjoy the recruiting process," said Jay.

Larry Raper is another Tiger that keeps in touch with J.K.

"I got a text from Larry tonight. He is in Greenville. We may meet up later," said Jay.

J.K. is already very close with many of his future teammates. "Last Friday night Willy, Brian, Mason, David Smith, Jamarcus and I all went out to eat and then to a movie. Last night I went to church with Scotty and we saw C.J. there," said Jay.

Expect to see the prize recruit at Clemson whenever he can.

"I will try to be up there some of Saturday's in August. I will be at the Alabama game," he added.

And as always, you can bet Jay will continue to serve as one of Clemson's top recruiters as well. Top Stories