Checking in with Buster Hunter

CLEMSON - Freshman linebacker Stanley "Buster" Hunter discusses Thursday night at the Hill and much more!

After waiting for over a year and a half for his first game at the collegiate level, freshman linebacker Stanley "Buster" Hunter is now just 28 days away from officially beginning his career at Clemson.

Projected as an outside linebacker, Hunter figures to see significant snaps at WILL behind Kavell Conner, and may even be able to challenge for starting position before the end of the 2008 season. caught up with Hunter, a former three-star prospect as rated by, after his first practice Friday night to get his thoughts on a variety of topics:

What similarities do you see coming from a successful high school program like Byrnes to a Clemson team with such high expectations on it this year?
Hunter: Oh yeah, we have the leaders. We definitely have the coaching staff. A lot of players are out here busting their butts. We have been busting our butts all summer. As a team we feel like we have a chance to do something special. Our motto this year is 110 percent. So everybody is out there giving 110 percent and hopefully we can bring another championship back to Clemson.

What is the competition like at WLB?
Hunter: Right now everybody is just learning. Even the second year and third year guys, it is still a learning process for everybody out there. I am not too focused on the depth chart right now. I am just worried about everybody out their giving effort. When we get to the second or third week of practice then I will think about the depth chart.

Are you working mainly at WLB right now?
Hunter: A lot of position changes are going to be made at WILL and MIKE. We are just mixing things up to see how things workout. Especially with the young guys they are just putting guys in there to see what they can do. They are just mixing things up right now. It is just a big learning process.

How have the summer workouts gone for you?
Hunter: Oh my goodness, it was a rude awakening. Everybody got better. I got better. I am stronger and faster. I am bigger. I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. It was tough, but everything has been great.

How will it feel to run down that hill for the first time?
Hunter: It is going to leave me speechless. I can't wait.

What did you and your teammates do at the hill last night?
Hunter: Our new slogan is 110 percent. We want to give 110 percent on the field, off the field, in the classroom, in the video room and in every aspect of the game for us to become better men as players, better fathers and better husbands one day. Last night we all went down to the stadium. We shook each coach's hand and we told them we would give 110 percent. That was our word to the coaches and our teammates that we would give each other and our coaching staff 110 percent from this point on until the end of the season. Top Stories