BOWDEN: Everybody's Good in Shorts

CLEMSON - Saturday's practice ended up being delayed by an hour due to weather, but the Tigers still got in three hours of work afterwards.


OPENING COMMENTS: We got chased in from lightning. One of the things I was talking to the team about, any time you throw in skeleton you've got bodies out there being thrown around. Our skill guys caught a lot of balls out there today and it takes a lot of courage to do that ... especially coming across the middle. Quarterbacks made some good throws. We've asked the secondary to watch their hitting. But we were in shorts again and we are in our second day of a five-day installation. So we are doing a lot of different things and a lot is being thrown at our young guys.

ON HOLDING SOME OF THE VETERANS BACK FROM CONTACT: Maybe when we get closer [to Alabama]. But not this year. At some positions, but not all- like offensive line and linebacker. We've got a good idea. You know, tailback and wide out we feel comfortable. But we are still looking for a fourth, fifth and sixth wide out. They'll be some of the upper classmen we'll hold out but it will be much closer to Alabama.

ANY FRESHMEN STANDING OUT SO FAR: No, other than the guys that we've talked earlier about. Hopefully they'll jump on the radar a little bit more. But it's those basic eight guys we've been talking about that will have a chance to get on the field.

ON JUDGING TALENT IN SHORTS: It is [hard]. We'll do some drills to challenge their mental toughness at this point in time because of the heat and all of that. There's a little bit of catching and throwing you can evaluate but it's a lot more involved when you put everything on.

WILL SPECIAL TEAMS CONTINUE TO BE AN EMPHASIS: Yes. We'll keep the same special teams format [as the spring].

ON MARK BUCHHOLZ NOT PLAYING SOCCER: Well he eats better. We feed 'em a lot better than the soccer team (laughing). He eats a lot better. You know, he's here, so it's a little more attention to detail. Half of his mind is not somewhere else so that's a plus.

ON DA'QUAN BOWERS: Shorts. He's a ways away from being a factor right now but he has all the potential to do it. It's just going to depend on what he does the next three weeks and what he does with the pads on. A lot guys look good in shorts. It's kind of tough to determine. We saw enough in the spring to know he can play early if he works hard and does the right thing. That's what he's got to do. We've already seen that in the spring. He's got to understand the tempo, conditioning. That guy at Alabama will be licking his chops if he sees a high school guy out there. He's a ways away from being a major factor but he has all the tools.

GOALS FOR PLAYING TIME FOR BOWERS: Haven't thought about that yet. He hasn't earned 15 plays yet. Or 30, or starting or anything. We've only been in shorts. Top Stories