Big Man on Campus- Literally

CLEMSON - It hasn't taken too long for former five-star running back Jamie Harper to make the transition to college.

When Jacksonville native Jamie Harper chose the Clemson Tigers over offers from nearly every other school in the southeast on National Signing Day, Clemson fans were hoping he would be the next big thing wearing orange and white.

Turns out, that's exactly what he's been - big.

Weighing in at 233 pounds, Harper should give the Clemson backfield a bigger, more physical-style running back than what it currently has with James Davis and C.J. Spiller.

And while his goal is to lose a couple of pounds before the start of the regular season, he'll still offer plenty of size, and hopefully a different dimension. caught up with the former five-star back after practice this weekend, and here's what he had to say:

How was it to hit the practice fields for the first time as a Clemson Tiger?
Harper: I was a little anxious. I was ready to get on the field. Once we got into the practice I had a chance to kind of learn everything behind two great veterans. I am just going to learn the process as I go.

How much help have James and C.J. been so far for you?
Harper: They have been a help along the whole way. As soon as I got here they have been right behind me, pushing me and making sure I am doing the right things.

What is your weight right now?
Harper: When I got here I was about 233 pounds and right now I am still about 233. I am going to try to drop some and I'm sure I will during the preseason. But right now I am pretty much at the same weight as I came in this summer.

How is it to be back playing with old teammate Kyle Parker?
Harper: You know I have played with him since we were both little. It is great to get back on the same team and have that chemistry once again.

Have you had any home sickness at all or do you feel good with all of your Jacksonville area teammates up here with you?
Harper: Clemson is a home away from home for me. I am good up here.

You've been through a couple of practices and summer workouts already. What are your goals for your first season?
Harper: The main thing for me right now is what I've been saying all along, I just want to contribute to the team. Just contribute and then I'll go from there. Everybody's goal here is to win a National Championship so we are trying to help out as much as we can to get there.

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