Heisman Talk? J.D. Supports Harper

CLEMSON - Don't ask senior running back James Davis about winning the Heisman Trophy because he'll be quick to point you in another direction.

What else would you expect from one of your team leaders?

Davis has usually been quick to shy away from the spotlight, so it should come as no surprise when asked about the possibility of him or C.J. Spiller winning college football's most coveted individual award, that the first person he "supports" is his quarterback, Cullen Harper.

Still, Davis is one of the big, if not the biggest leaders on the team. With a strong senior year, he'll leave Clemson as the school's all-time leading rusher and he's also one of the more vocal players in the locker room as well.

CUTigers.com caught up with the charismatic running back after practice this weekend to get his thoughts on preseason camp and the upcoming season:

You decided to come back this year for senior season. Did you talk to your teammates about your expectations for this season and how that played into your decision to return to Clemson?
Davis: You've got to commit yourself to one thing, and that's winning a National Championship. I know we've got a lot of talent on offense. We've got a lot of guys who can play and who will probably be on the next level next year. You've just got to be patient [to get your touches] and make sure you put winning first.

People always want to know what changes from one year to the next, particularly with a team like this, that has been so close. Do you see any difference in attitude with this team this year?
Davis: Definitely you can see the attitude in guys. Cullen Harper has been real strong out there throwing the ball around. You know, Aaron Kelly, you can see the movement in guys out there jumping around. Everybody is pretty hyped right now.

With just over 830 yards rushing this year, James Davis will leave Clemson as the school's all-time leading rusher.
Given the fact so many guys on the team were out here for offseason workouts, is it that big of a difference to actually start preseason camp?
Davis: No a lot of guys out here already know what they are doing. We are trying to get things going at a good pace. We want to speed the offense up a little bit this year so we can get ahead of other teams. It's a difference, but being here in the summer makes it not as big.

When are we going to see you throw out of the Stallion formation? It seems like that could really give opposing defenses something else to think about.
Davis: It's coming. Me and coach Spence talked a lot about it. You just have to wait and see. It's just going to be when you least expect it but after I complete my first pass you are going to see more of it.

Do you or C.J. ever talk about what it would be like to win the Heisman Trophy?
Davis: No, we never mention that. It would probably be hard for one of us to get it because we aren't going to put up the amount of stats a lot of guys put up. Cullen will probably have the best chance to get it than anybody. That's who I'm pushing for. He's a good quarterback, probably one of the best in the ACC and in the nation. So, I mean, I'm pushing for him to get the Heisman.

Talk about the stability of the coaching situation here. You came when Clemson wasn't as good and now everybody is talking about you guys winning the ACC and possibly more. What does that say about the commitment of the school to Coach Bowden and this staff?
Davis: Oh yeah. This school supports Coach Bowden. He's doing everything it takes to win games and point us in the right direction. It would be awkward to see a new coach here because Coach Bowden has been here so long. It's his 10th year. I pray for him all the time. He's blessed with a lot of talented guys and there are more blessings that are going come.

What have you seen of Jamie Harper so far?
Davis: He's big and he's fast. I've seen it. I kind of joked with him that he was wearing No. 45 at first and I was telling him how big that number looked on him. Him and Andre [Ellington] will both get on the field this year. They are talented so they'll both play, even on some special teams.

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