BOWDEN: Freshmen Turning Heads

CLEMSON - After another three-hour practice session Monday, Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden commented on a number of aspects of his team.


OPENING COMMENTS: Some guys who have stood out are some of these freshmen are Jaron Brown. He's shown flashes of really being a good athlete. Brandon Thompson really looked good. Same thing with Matt Sanders in that crossover drill yesterday. Both our backs have been really impressive. Yesterday I talked about Jamie's pass blocking. All our safeties ... the two St. Augustine boys [Rashard Hall and Carlton Lewis] have looked good, and Daniel Andrews. All of our freshmen safeties have looked pretty good.

CARRIES FOR FRESHMEN RBS: It depends. Every year we've had an injury [at running back]. When that happens then somebody is a co-starter more or less. I don't think it will be that hard in the course of a season.

ANYTHING DISAPPOINTING SO FAR? Just learning how to finish. You get a long three-hour practice like today and it gets towards the end and it gets a little sloppy. So you try that and finishing in the season together. This early in the year, it's not going to be. The quicker you can learn how to finish practice, finish a drill, finish a game and finish a season ... hopefully this group will pick it up soon. I don't know if it's a disappointment that's just a natural progression you go through.

COMMENTS ON SPENCER ADAMS: Covers a lot of ground. He has a lot more speed than Michael [Hamlin] and Chris [Clemons]. He covers more ground with the ball in the air or a running back on the perimeter. Those guys have done a good job but they'd like have to his speed.

CAN DAWSON ZIMMERMAN BEAT OUT JIMMY MANERS? Oh yeah it will be a competition. The biggest thing Jimmy has to do is improve his hangtime. I believe we were in the bottom of the conference in fair catches last year. So we need to work on his hang time. Just a 38-yard high punt would be plenty adequate. Jimmy is a fifth-year senior, he's got a little bit more time from him. Top Stories