BOWDEN: First Day in Full Pads

CLEMSON - Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden discusses his team's first day in full pads Tuesday.


OPENING COMMENTS: First day in pads today, we did an inside drill, which is 100 percent run. The two biggest hits were from a walk-on and from a freshman, Daniel Andrews from Jacksonville. I did see what I was hoping I'd see from Jamie Harper where he is a 230 pound back who slammed it up there in a pile and moved the pile back. That's what we were hoping to see with a back his size. Then there at the end, we did a first-and-10 scrimmage. The offense had to get 3.5 yards ... anything that went over 3.5 yards the offense wins and anything under 3.5 the defense wins. The defense won the first one and then the offense won the second one. Dabo Swinney wasn't here today because Gene Stallings' son died. Dabo, of course, played for him and coached for him. Coach Stallings gave him his first job and he's real close with him. Since we open with them, our university was very gracious in letting Dabo fly out to the funeral, and kind of represent Clemson and then Dabo got to go the funeral.

TRYING TO PLAY WITH MORE EMOTION? Well, I think we play with a lot of emotion and passion last year. You always want more but I haven't been disappointed with that the last couple of years. I don't think that will be a problem this year. We didn't lose to Boston College because of that. I think we do that pretty good now ... playing with good passion, emotion and intensity.

FIRST DAY TO REALLY SEE WHAT YOU HAVE? It's like the inside drill. You've got those four freshmen safeties, but really we have Daniel Andrews at SAM. He's not back there deep he's up there at SAM. Pretty good collision position and he did good there. Plus we got to see Jamie Harper. And then Andre Ellington ... we've been real impressed with him. You start to see more movement and you are able to evaluate players more.

DAVID SMITH TOE INJURY UPDATE: We were told when it happened three weeks ago it would four to six weeks. So I don't anticipate it being much longer. He needs work though. Top Stories