BOWDEN: Players Hold Up in Heat

CLEMSON - With temperatures well over 100 degrees Wednesday, the Tigers practiced two and a half hours.


OPENING COMMENTS: I thought being our sixth straight day, it stayed over 100 degrees the whole time out there and the effort was really good. Tig Willard really jumped out today inside. He was very impressive. We had finals today, heat today, sixth straight today and two-a-days tomorrow.

UPDATE ON KICKERS: Live kicking? Not real good right now. We are having a little kicking competition. Punting has been sporadic. Field goal kicking ... Mark Buchholz did the best today. He made all of his kicks. Yesterday he missed a couple, today he made them all.

BIG COLLISIONS TODAY? Jamie Harper, you can tell. You can see the presence of a 230 pound guy hitting the whole as opposed to a 200 pound guy or 210. It's just a bigger presence. We did have a 3rd-and-3, four, five, six, seven and the offense got it three out of five, which is hard to do. We had a slant play where Aaron Kelly scored a 44-yard touchdown. But I like the way we are running on defense. Defensively they ran pretty good, especially with the temperatures. We have a chance to have pretty good speed but they have to work hard to capitalize on it.

COMFORT LEVEL WITH BRANDON MAYE AS A STARTER? I'm never really comfortable starting a freshman or a guy that hasn't played. But last year look what Cullen Harper did against Florida State. He was very productive. Last year we had four new offensive line starters who did pretty good early on. If he continues to work hard, I'll be more comfortable, but you're never really comfortable with a guy that has never played.

VETERAN PLAYERS WHO ARE STANDING OUT: Thomas Austin is a veteran guy who has been very productive. Cullen Harper, Aaron Kelly, Tyler Grisham, names y'all have heard. Rashaad Jackson and Dorell Scott. Jamie Cumbie ... you know he's tall now he's moved inside, we've worked hard with him on staying lower and he's done a pretty good job with that. Chris Chancellor had a real good interception today and he's an upperclassman.

LOOKING FOR LEADERS ON DEFENSE: I'm really looking hard for leadership on defense. The defensive staff is yelling at them hard on the field, but against Alabama the coaches won't be on the field. That's the biggest thing I've seen absent so far. Especially in the front seven. Some guys need to surface there. Top Stories