Gilmore, Holloman Visiting Saturday

In his latest recruiting diary with, five-star safety Devonte Holloman talks about his upcoming trip to Clemson with teammate Stephon Gilmore.

Things are going good right now. We started practice officially last Friday. We start two-a-days this next week.

Our first scrimmage will be this Friday. We play Richland Northeast.

I am pretty comfortable now with the offense. They have a wrist ban that I wear with the plays and the routes. If I have trouble I just look down at that.

We are trying to get Dominique Walker eligible. He is having trouble getting approved. He was not eligible in Charlotte so he moved to South Pointe. Now he is having trouble becoming eligible down here.

The team is looking good so far. We definitely have lots of weapons of offense. The defense looks solid too. It is just a matter of putting in the work now.

Stephon [Gilmore], Dominique and I hang out all of the time. We play NCAA 2008, go swimming and do other stuff. It is pretty even when we play. I win some and they win some.

Stephon and I were supposed to go to Clemson for practice last weekend, but it wasn't a good day. We are going next Saturday. Coach Vic and everyone will be there then. Stephon, Dominique and one of our other teammates are going to go.

I haven't really talked with anyone else this week. Most of the guys are probably like me now and are focusing on their upcoming high school season. Top Stories