BOWDEN: Eyeing Special Teams Saturday

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Friday night as the Tigers prepare for Saturday's scrimmage.


OPENING COMMENTS: One thing we did differently today, we brought a speaker in, Dennis O'Sullivan and he talked about alcohol and how it affects athletic performance. Not social behavior, nothing to do with drinking and driving, just strictly how it affects athletic performance. He gave an excellent presentation. Had that about an hour for our meeting time today. A lot of people are doing studies on alcohol and how it relates to other aspects of life, but not many to athletics. I thought it was really good. He spoke to Alabama yesterday. He played for me at Tulane. We flew him up here and also played for the Jets for about five years.

WEARING DOWN? A little more leg tired today. The enthusiasm was good. To be honest with you I'm surprised that didn't happen earlier. Then a lot of them are thinking about the scrimmage tomorrow.

MARQUAN JONES UPDATE: Any time I talk about eight to 10 freshmen, he's one of the ones I'm anticipating him playing this year. We moved Rendrick in the spring, Jacoby Ford got hurt so he got a little more attention [in the spring]. His name hasn't been mentioned as much but he's doing really good.

SCRIMMAGE SPOTLIGHT: I'd like to see some of the kickers. We've got a freshman snapper, Matt Skinner. We are going to punt intermittingly during practice. I'm anxious to see how they perform with a little bit of rush, a little bit of pressure. I'm anxious to see some of the freshmen.

INJURY/MISSING PLAYER UPDATES Rendrick Taylor will be back Monday (personal reasons). David Smith will be [full strength] (dislocated big toe). Chris Hairston is also back (hamstring). Top Stories