BOWDEN: Discusses Saturday Scrimmage

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden discusses Saturday's scrimmage held in Death Valley.


OPENING COMMENTS: I thought we had some upper classmen do some things, some elementary mistakes. I was kind of disappointed about that. They know who they are. We opened with kicking Started out with kickoff coverage and Jamie Harper [on the scout team against the kick coverage team] broke one about 40 or 50 yards. He ran good today. Sadat Chambers had an early interception. Mark Buchholz hit a 51-yard field goal. Our snappers looked like the did pretty good. We've worked hard on snapping. We've got pretty good snapping out of our three guys. It looked like Dawson [Zimmerman] out kicked Maners today.

SATURDAY'S INTENSITY SIMILAR TO A GAME? Not really, because you are looking for game-ready and this is our ninth straight day and there isn't a lot in them right now.

ANYTHING STANDOUT IN GOAL LINE? Not really. Nobody made a spectacular hit or a spectacular run. Just solid play.

FRESHMEN SAFETIES: I'm anxious to see and hear what Vic says. We'll talk personnel on Monday after we look at the tape on Sunday.

HOW DID WILLY KORN LOOK? Korn looked good. The eagerness last year was finding our starting quarterback. Last year we didn't know how Cullen would do. This year that's different.

MORE DAVIS AND SPILLER ON THE SAME TIME? It depends because if you get into a game like Boston College, they were second in the nation in rush defense. So you'd probably like to have one more wide out on the field. You'd like more wide outs on the field than running backs. It's all relative to who you are playing.

HOW DID JAMIE HARPER LOOK? Looked good. Real good. He might have had the longest run (15 yards). Top Stories