Building Depth

CLEMSON - Freshman safety Rashard Hall is eyeing early playing time. The question remains: will he get it?

When the Tigers signed four safeties in the 2008 recruiting class, most of the hype surrounded North Carolina native Spencer Adams, and rightfully so. Adams was a four-star prospect as the No. 11 safety in the nation, has world class speed and will also run track at Clemson.

But another one of those safeties who is making a little noise during preseason camp is St. Augustine, Fla. native Rashard Hall.

Hall, the No. 60 safety in the nation according to, is currently working as a free safety behind Chris Clemons, and hoping to secure some playing this season.

Incidentally, the other two safeties signed in February, Daniel Andrews and Carlton Lewis, are actually playing as SAM linebackers. caught up with the former three-star standout Hall to get his thoughts on the upcoming season and preseason camp thus far:

Rashard we've heard some of the defensive coaches and Coach Bowden mention you as a guy who could play this year. What do you think? Are you going to play or will you be redshirted?
Hall: That's up to Coach Vic. I'm just trying to work hard and do what I do. If I can catch his eye then I'll get on there. I feel like I'm going pretty good considering the timing of everything. Coach Vic is throwing a lot of stuff at us and he's letting us know that. As far as getting everything down, I'm doing good and I'm making a few freshmen mistakes along the way. So we'll see.

"Without all the media hype and everything, if I was here just watching and didn't know all of that, I can tell you it would a special team because of the guys and the coaches I see around the program."
Is the that one of the hardest things about being here learning the plays and learning everything about Clemson football?
Hall: Well yeah. It would be like that anywhere but there is a lot of talent and you are competing and that's what it's all about. That's one of the reasons I came here though- competition is good for everybody.

Would you be disappointed if you redshirted this season?
Hall: God doesn't make mistakes; that's how I always look at it. I can't worry about things I can't control. It would be great to play for this team because I know it's going to be a special team this year but either way I'm a part of a team and I'm going to do what's best for the team.

Have you thought about what it's going to be like running down the hill for the first time in a few weeks?
Hall: (laughing) Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That's probably, at least 10 percent of the reason everybody comes to Clemson. The hill is legendary and I can't wait to run down it the first time.

Any competition between you and Spencer Adams right now trying to see the field?
Hall: Luckily we are roommates and luckily we don't play the same position. So we are supporting each other.

What has the transition been like for you going from high school to college?
Hall: It's big. I would be lying if I said it was really easy. If you work real hard in high school it definitely pays off. But everything here is on a time schedule. Plus you have high expectations and you are basically on your own now. There is just a lot you have to adapt to.

Do you get the sense this really could be a special year for Clemson football?
Hall: Without all the media hype and everything, if I was here just watching and didn't know all of that, I can tell you it would a special team because of the guys and the coaches I see around the program. It's a feeling you have when you are here, you know it's going to be a special year regardless of what everybody in the media is saying already. Yeah, I can actually feel it. Top Stories