BOWDEN: Discusses Special Teams; Jackson

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden talks with the media Monday evening after practice.


OPENING COMMENTS: They had a pretty good spirit about them [today]. Some of them don't like practice but they are faking us out like they do so that's a pretty good sign.

ANY NEW THOUGHTS AFTER WATCHING FILM OF SCRIMMAGE? We've got a lot of work to do up front. We knew we would. Still after the first scrimmage, we are hunting around to find who our best guards are and who our third tackle is. Jamie Harper looked good. The two young quarterbacks, both [Jon] Richt and Kyle Parker went and there and ran the ship pretty good. Ricky Sapp has really played consistently pretty good. Neither side dominated. I wouldn't have minded to see a dominating defensive performance. Dawson [Zimmerman] kicked a little better than [Jimmy] Maners in the scrimmage.

HAS RICHARD JACKSON FALLEN OFF THE RADAR? No he hasn't fallen off the radar I just have a freshman punter who has done pretty good and Mark is right now kind of the field goal guy. He missed a special teams meeting the other day and that's not good. We had everybody show up for the summer and he stayed home, he was in good in shape, but that wasn't real good.

SHIFT IN SPECIAL TEAMS THINKING? What we've done, philosophically, this is the first time in 12 years as a head coach that I've had guy with experience as a special teams coordinator. I've never had a guy that's done it before. I didn't hire Andre because of that but he's got the background. As he's come to me with ideas, I've said it sounds good because we are looking for new ideas. He has brought some different things to the table as far as organization and drills and things like that. I've never had a coach that has that much experience handling things like that.

UPDATE ON CHRIS HAIRSTON: He's done a good job. He's by far right now [our best tackle], going into the preseason, he was our best tackle, and Cory Lambert has closed that gap. We are also looking for a third tackle. We also need Cory to elevate his level of play and get closer to Chris and he has in the last 10 days.

MORE CONFIDENCE IN THE O-LINE AFTER SATURDAY? Well I just know going into the game from an experience standpoint that there is no way we can solve that comfort zone. I've always liked the players we have. You just can't create the Alabama experience no matter how hard you try. So you'll always have a little discomfort until they go into the game and play and see how they do against live competition and good competition.

SURPRISED BY JACKSON'S MRI RESULTS: Well he's been hurt a good bit and he's pretty athletic and he's always bounced back. He's been hurt several times. Then the nature of the injury. It wasn't one of those things where it was a peel back block. You look at one of those and say, 'oh geez.' There really wasn't any significant contact and with his background I really felt like he would be alright. They said it was kind of an unusual injury where the muscle pulls away from the bone. It wasn't a joint or one of those things. Top Stories