BOWDEN: Fiesty Tigers Get After It

CLEMSON - Listen to head coach Tommy Bowden after Tuesday's practice session.


OPENING COMMENTS: Our punters right now, I've been taking the kickers and punters and charting them so I can make sure we are making an accurate as decision as possible. It's fairly close between Richard Jackson, Dawson Zimmerman and Jimmy Maners. Buchholz ... Mark is ahead in the kicking. All three of the snappers are doing pretty good. Michael Wade and Tyler Grisham are doing the holding and they are doing a good job. I haven't talked much about the tight ends. Palmer and Akeem and Linthicum and Durrell Barry and Kasey Nobles and Dwayne Allen, the freshman. Those guys have all done real good. We can use those guys a lot of different ways in our offense. We had Brandon Thompson got in a fight with Matt Sanders yesterday and broke his hand. I talked to those guys hard about not hitting each other in the head, especially if they lose their helmet. But, a helmet came off and he broke one of his metatarsals in the fight. Matt was out with a concussion because Brandon is pretty big. I've adjusted the fight policy, if the helmet comes off instead of hitting them in the head, we've asked them to just choke him (laughing). That we figure we can get him off before he kills him. So that changed our fight policy.

FIGHTS TOO BIG OF A PROBLEM? Everybody has a different philosophy. Having brothers, coming from a large family we fought. I love my brothers and these guys are family and sometimes you fight. So it doesn't bother me that much. Heat of the battle, two-a-days. That's the enemy for the next two weeks. You just have to be smart about. One guy broke his hand and the other has a concussion so we are going to try a different way about it.

WHO HAS THE EDGE AT PUNTER? Dawson Zimmerman punted better Saturday. I'm studying that thing really really hard. I'm taking it every day myself. I'm watching every snap and rotating snappers. Jimmy has done good, it's just that Dawson has come in here. Richard Jackson has done well too punting. Matt [Skinner] is making a push here the last couple of days as a long snapper. He's one of the freshmen who will probably play.

WHAT ABOUT KICKOFFS? Mark will probably handle kickoffs. Spencer Benton kicked it a little bit deeper in the end zone in the spring but Mark gets better height. He would be the guy. Obviously we'd like to redshirt Spencer Benton if we could. Top Stories