BOWDEN: Compares Davis, Harper

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media after Wednesday evening's practice.


OPENING COMMENTS: We worked on a little two-minute [drill] today for the first time. We'll eventually do overtime. The disappointing thing is both kickers missed field goals from the middle of the field, straight on [from 37 yards]. You set them up for success but both Mark and Richard missed it with minimal rush with a good snap and a good hold. That wasn't good. The quarterbacks handled it good. Saturday we will get more of a realistic [view]. We'll get everybody off the field and get Rob [Spence] in the press box and make it a little more realistic. Even with the 40-second clock, we only had one delay of game Saturday [in the last scrimmage]. We'll work a little bit Saturday from the box.

MASON CLOY UPDATE: He's doing pretty good. He's working center and guard. He's working both. Our centers happen to be fighting for starting jobs with Barry Humphries and Mason. Ramsey is the fourth one. He's doing good and making progress. He's a redshirt freshman playing multiple positions. It probably slows his progress as compared to if he was just playing just one position.

MORE LEADERSHIP OF THE FRONT SEVEN: Jamie Cumbie is doing a good job. He broke his hand yesterday and it was a pretty painful break and he didn't miss any of today. I saw him over there and he'd hit and then hold it. A lot of times a kid will put on the yellow jersey and take himself out. He just can't do it. His break and Brandon Thompson's, they broke the same finger but the break was a little bit different. Dorell Scott has also been doing a pretty good job. Those two guys. I've kind of noticed a little bit different leadership skills from last year.

OFFENSIVE LINE PROGRESS: We have a good day and a bad. Just not real consistent. We'll block pretty good one day and then they will change the defense or put a new stunt and we'll miss it and then we'll work on it and pick it up. It's just not real consistent. I think a lot of that comes with inexperience. We are making some progress but it's not coming in real big leaps like last year.

COMPARING JAMES DAVIS TO JAMIE HARPER AS FRESHMEN: Very similar. Little bit bigger. I will say that one of the more impressive things is his knowledge of protections. He pays attention and he does pretty good on the blackboard in there and he transfers it on to the field pretty good. They are a little bit different [in running style]. James is in the middle of Jamie and C.J. Top Stories