BOWDEN: More on Harper

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden talks after the Tigers' last day of two-a-days Monday.


ANYTHING NEW STANDOUT AFTER WATCHING SCRIMMAGE FILM? No, we are kind of settled in a on front five offensively. It looks like Cloy has kind of worked hard up there as a third guard and has separated himself a little bit from Wilson [Norris].

WHAT ABOUT SAFETY? Right now Hamlin, Clemons, Sadat [Chambers] and then a lot of question marks on where we'll go from there.

JAMIE HARPER'S INJURY - WILL IT AFFECT HIS ABILITY TO PLAY AGAINST 'BAMA? Not really. None right now. We felt really comfortable with where he was and he only missed today and we won't practice Wednesday. If he's ready to go Thursday, that's another eight or nine days [before Alabama]. That's why I say, I don't think it will set us back at all. He's a young freshman anyway.

ARE THERE ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL FRESHMEN THAT COULD PLAY THIS YEAR? We'll have a staff meeting Wednesday [to decide redshirts] because we aren't practicing. Then you have to start to decide your scout team. Redshirts, walk-ons, scout team - those will be discussed at length on Wednesday. We've got to start solidifying a little more firmness some other guys we'll redshirt other than Rendrick [Taylor].

LATEST ON PUNTING: All three punters are pretty equal right now. It's close with all three. Richard [Jackson] is in the thick of it along with Dawson [Zimmerman] and Jimmy [Maners].

HAS THE STARTING FIVE ON THE OL COME TOGETHER? They've made good progress. They really have. They've seen multiple looks and blitzes defensively and I think we'll be pretty good up front defensively so they are blocking good bodies. Really good bodies. That's a good test. Vic is fairly multiple up front and that's presented problems from an assignment standpoint. I think we are facing pretty talent players so I've been pleased with their progress.

LOOKS LIKE THE LINEBACKERS ARE STILL GOING AT IT: David [Blackwell] is really ... I saw several combinations starting out there today when the first group came out. I think he's working about five or six guys. Any one of them could be on that first unit.

COULD JAMIE HARPER HAVE A BIGGER IMPACT THAT PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT BEFORE CAMP? Yes. Definitely. That would be accurate analysis. Pass protections, run ability, toughness and size. Pass protections he's been fairly impressive. Then his running style. It's safe to say his status has been elevated since he's been here. So is Andre Ellington to be honest with you. Top Stories