BOWDEN: Discusses Freshmen

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media after Thursday's practice.


OPENING COMMENTS: "There's no official redshirting list right now. We did start to divide out the scout team today. It's the guys we've been talking about. It's the same guys. The ones we haven't been talking about ... you can pretty much put two and two together. We don't have a black and white list but it's getting closer to that. Matt Skinner, Da'Quan [Bowers], Marquan [Jones], Stanley [Hunter], Dawson Zimmerman. I've been saying about eight of them. The safeties are all on the bubble. We are in a gray area. That's a huge question right now behind Hamlin and Clemons. Dwayne Allen will probably play.

ARE YOU CONCERNED ABOUT SAFETY? You know, Sadat [Chambers] made a push but has kind of leveled off and that has concerned us. Then you are talking about a true freshman back there. Then you have a lot of calls. Both of those guys have been injured before. So it's definitely a concern.

HOW CONCERNED ARE YOU ABOUT JAMIE HARPER? Not a lot. I hope he's ready. I'd like to have. He'd play [if healthy]. He ran conditioning afterwards. He ran them all. He did what everybody else.

WAS EVERYTHING GEARED TOWARDS ALABAMA? Everything today was Alabama. We did some good on good skeleton but the majority was Alabama.

DEFENSIVELY, WHAT DOES ALABAMA DO THAT SCARES YOU? They hit real good. Coach Saban- when a coach has got his background as a defensive coordinator in NFL and college and is a defensive specialist-type guy. He gets actively involved. He's a hands on guy anyway. They hit you. They're real aggressive. His scheme- I know they are going to have a new wrinkle game planning for six months. The thing that scares me is the uncertainty.

KEVIN ALEXANDER UPDATE: Kevin's been out about a week [virus]. Yeah, he needs to get back out there. I think he'll be back Monday but the other guy (Bowers) is solidifying himself in there.

DOES THE TEAM HAVE MORE BOUNCE RIGHT NOW CONSIDERING THE SEASON STARTS SOON? No, they are tired right now. I told them they should be tired. They're legs should not feel good right now and they're legs should not have bounce and they should be tired and they should be heavy. I don't want them to have any bounce or spring right now because if they do, we aren't working them hard enough.

IS ZIMMERMAN THE STARTER AT PUNTER? He could. Right now- it's still in that stage where it could be one of three guys.

BIGGEST SURPRISE OF PRESEASON CAMP? As far as personnel? I don't know ... we already had six freshmen here so they weren't a surprise. Maybe Jamarcus Grant or Cory Lambert, possibly. I wasn't sure. In the spring the freshmen [redshirt] kind of caught them. Probably Jamarcus and Cory Lambert. Jamie Cumbie has been a real present surprise. Brian Linthicum has been a pleasant surprise. He's gained 25 pounds and he's run better with that additional weight and that's hard to do. Those would be several Top Stories