Ohio State Commitment Visiting Clemson?

One of the top cornerbacks in the nation says he'd love to visit one more school- Clemson.

CB Justin Green Profile

Four-star cornerback Justin Green has been committed to Ohio State since late June, but that isn't stopping him from wanting to take at least one more trip in the recruiting process.

In a recent interview with CUTigers.com, Green revealed he'd like to learn a little more about what the Tigers have to offer.

"I emailed the coaches at Clemson two days ago. They told me to give them a call. I will be getting in touch with them [soon]," Green said.

The Tigers have been sending mail for a long time.

"I have been getting mail from Clemson for a long time. I first had contact with them a year or two ago," he said.

So, how firm is his commitment to the Buckeyes?

"It is pretty firm. Ohio State is where I always wanted to go. I am pretty much set on where I want to be," replied Green. "BUt I would still like to take a visit down there to Clemson. I want to see what it is like down there."

Are there any other places Justin would like to visit?

"At this point I can't think of any. It is all Ohio State right now," replied Green.

What would it take for the Tigers to overtake Ohio State?

"That is a real good question. I really couldn't answer that. It would take a lot, a whole lot," replied Green.

Male High (Kent.) should have a good season according to the top corner.

"We have our first game this Friday. I think we will have a decent team. We have a lot of new players out there this year that are just learning their spots on the field. By week three or four we will be pretty well ready to go," said Green.

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