BOWDEN: Game Week is Here

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden addressed the media after a soggy Monday practice as the ninth-ranked Tigers continue to prepare for No. 24 Alabama.


STATUS OF DEANDRE MCDANIEL: We'll have a statement on him later in the week.

HAVE YOU DETERMINED A STARTING PUNTER? No. It will probably remain competitive all this week. We've got a good battle going on. I do not have a starting punter. [Maners, Jackson and Zimmerman competing]

RB JAMIE HARPER UPDATE: He practiced in a green jersey but was not full speed. He ran on it some last week [and did again today].

OL MASON CLOY OTHER INJURY UPDATES: Cloy was back. Cloy I think is going to be alright. He practiced today. I think it's just Rashaad Jackson, Sensabaugh and maybe Jamie Harper. Coty Sensabaugh would be doubtful [shoulder]. Kevin Alexander is back.

WEATHER AFFECTING PRACTICE THIS WEEK: That much rain ... I know at Alabama they have an indoor facility and [if we had that] we could go in and do what they want but it would hurt if we had to go in there a large amount of time it would put us at a disadvantage. We practiced with noise today. We can get the noise work inside, but it would hurt us for sure.

MORE STALLION PACKAGE THIS YEAR? A lot of it depends on their plan of attack is defensively in how much we use that or other parts of our offense. They have had six months to game plan, so you know they are going to do something. Once they make their move, then we counter. Whether that's the package to counter with I don't know. Depends on what they do. That's the chess game once the game starts.

WILL JAMIE HARPER FACTOR INTO THE STALLION PACKAGE? I could tell you but I'd have to kill you.

CONCERN ABOUT FRESHMAN WR JULIO JONES: I'm not concerned about seeing him, I've seen him on YouTube and he's good. At 6-4, 6-5, obviously he's bigger than a 5-foot-9 corner we got so that's a potential problem we got. How many shots they take downfield. Maybe they hit one of three. If you have a six foot guy out there maybe you don't take those shots. That's something we definitely need to worry about. Like the big guy at Georgia Tech [Calvin Johnson]. That's a position [wide receiver] you can play early, unlike the offensive line. That would be a concern. I don't know how that will adjust our game plan because everybody has a deep ball in there. He's not as heavy as but he's tall. Very similar. Physical player.

HOW MUCH HAS BURTON BURNS BEEN A FACTOR IN YOUR GAME PLANNING: That's a good question because it is a factor. He spent a lot of time with us and we will have a communication adjustment. It would be crazy to think he's not going to have some productive material [for the Alabama staff]. Coach Saban brings a higher level of productivity when it comes to creating mismatches, which you see more in the NFL. We are addressing those concerns. But there will be a Burton Burns factor because of knowledge of our signals and personnel.

CONFIDENCE IN BUCHHOLZ: I have a lot of confidence in him because of his demeanor. He's a pretty tough, level-headed guy. So I have a lot of confidence in him. The times I've went out there and charted, we'd kick nine kicks and for two or three days in a row he'd hit eight out of nine.

JEREMY CAMPBELL AS A SAM? He's worked some at SAM. He's had a good camp.

SEPARATION AT LB? There's not a whole lot of separation. Hopefully there will be after Saturday. You'd like for one or two to jump off the radar. You'd like one to jump off the chart. We'll find out Saturday.

WILL YOUR D-LINE TAKE PRESSURE OFF THE LBS? Well the more pressure your front four can create the more productive your other seven will be defending the field better than if you have six back there because you need five to get pressure. If you can get pressure with four versus the pass you can be a lot more flexible with your coverages. There's a lot more games you can play. That would really really help. You'll never see a lot of your defensive linemen as your leading tacklers. Most of them are linebackers. If those guys [linemen] can eat up blocks then you are at an advantage in the running game. The more productive they can be with the 1-on-1 matchups up front, it really really helps you.

CONFIDENCE IN THE SECOND TEAM OFFENSIVE LINE: There is separation in execution in practice. Landon Walker is a redshirt freshman tackle then we have a true freshman tackle [Antoine McClain] right now. Mason Cloy has been productive as a third guard. We need a lot of work in that area. I think we've done all we can do in camp right now. We are playing a good enough team that where we will be able to evaluate that really good after the game. There will be fewer question marks on how they've handled the positions after the game because Alabama is so multiple. We won't play a lot of guys right now unless we get injuries. There will be a minimal rotation right now. Top Stories