Quick Hits with James Davis

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com sits down with senior running back James Davis to get his thoughts on Saturday's against No. 24 Alabama.

It was just six months ago when James Davis made the announcement he was leaving Clemson after his junior year to go to the National Football League.

And it was also six months ago when he changed his mind.

Fortunately for Clemson fans, Davis had a change of heart at the last possible second, which provided him one last opportunity to win the ACC and also the gave him chance to leave Clemson as the Tigers' all-time leading rusher.

He needs just over 835 yards to do it.

CUTigers.com caught up with Davis Tuesday to get his thoughts on Saturday and his senior year:

James, first off, good to see you again. We thought you were headed to the NFL there for a bit during the offseason.
Davis: Well I am glad to be back. I am glad to be a part of Clemson and I am ready to get something started this season.

How important is it for you beat a team like Alabama to really set the tone for this coming season?
Davis: It is definitely going to be a big test. Alabama they have a great defense. We have a good offense. Everybody says so. This gives us a chance to prove ourselves against an SEC-type powerhouse school. So I think we will definitely be ready.

What would it mean to get a win in your hometown of Atlanta? You've been close before...
Davis: It would definitely mean a lot. I am going to have a lot of family at this game. I can't wait to see what happens. I am so anxious for this game. We are going to see what happens.

Senior running back James Davis and C.J. Spiller have combined for 20 100-yard rushing games in their careers. Davis has 12 and Spiller has eight.
The story of preseason camp has been the offensive. What have you seen from those guys and are you confident they can get the job done on Saturday?
Davis: Oh yeah, I definitely feel good about this group. Some of them are freshmen, but these guys are smart. The coaches kind of limit their assignments and what they have to do. It is all going to come to the game. I think a lot of people are missing it. We have a lot of freshmen, but we also have a lot of guys that have been here in the system. They know what they are doing. I feel real good about this group.

What is it like having the bull's-eye on your chest this year as a preseason pick in the ACC and a possible contender for the national championship?
Davis: I feel pretty good about this. It helps us get to the National Championship as far as not having to climb up from the bottom. We aren't right up at the top so we can keep going up. There are still teams ranked higher than us so we just have to keep pushing and keep fighting to get on top. We aren't on top yet. A lot of people say we have a bulls-eye and they are looking at us, but we are still looking up to. There are going to be a lot of teams trying to challenge us before we get there.

Is this the most talented team you have been on by far as far as your time at Clemson is concerned?
Davis: This is probably the most talented team I have ever been on in my life. That is why I am so proud of the team. We have a great group of skill guys with everybody coming back, with Aaron and Cullen. We are going to be real good this year.

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