BOWDEN: Punter Still Unsettled

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Wednesday after practice to continue discussing Saturday's game against No. 24 Alabama.


OPENING COMMENTS REGARDING WEATHER: The biggest thing would be assignments and execution [with the weather causing missed practice time]. That's just less looks. Less team. Less looks at a different front. You definitely missed a little bit. We went inside for an hour [yesterday] then went outside. You go up there and meet. We met for an hour and a half before those two tornados yesterday.

IS IT STATUS QUO ON THE O-LINE? Yeah. I think we have settled on those guys. The biggest thing now is finding that third guard and third tackle.

JAMIE HARPER UPDATE: Per ACC policy, we don't have to say anything until Thursday. But he was in orange today [and yesterday]. Green the day before and was orange yesterday.

ANY FINAL DECISION AT PUNTER? It's really kind of Maners and Zimmerman. Those two. It could go to pre-game. You get the young kid, and he's from Atlanta, he could go out there and start shanking them.

BOWERS VS. ALEXANDER: I think Kevin is going to start [at strong side end].

DEANDRE MCDANIEL: We'll release a statement by the end of the week.

YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE LINEBACKERS? The biggest thing will be the excitement and the enthusiasm. And I talked to the team today, that's one of the areas I brought up was it's going to be [tough] communication and executing. We did have crowd noise today. We've got to see. We've worked hard on the execution and the communication. Top Stories