Tigers Cooling on Jarvis Jackson?

Earlier this season, it was reported that Jarvis Jackson, a big time linebacker prospect out of Atlanta's Washington High School, had Clemson as one of his top two choices of schools. How do the Tigers sit with this 3-star prospect right now?

Jarvis Jackson is a linebacker with speed to burn, and as one of three Division I-A prospects playing for Washington High School; it's no wonder why his team is advancing through the class 5A playoffs in Georgia this year.

Jackson and teammates Avery Roberson and Jeramie Johnson were instrumental in the Bulldogs' 19-0 victory against Habersham Central in the first round last weekend. The win pushed Washington's overall record to a very impressive 8-2-1.

CUTigers.com had the opportunity to speak with Jackson Tuesday evening about his senior season and his recruitment, and here is what he had to say.

Things have been going pretty well for you guys lately, how would say the season has gone up to this point?
Jackson: Real well, we've been playing well.

What position have you been playing mostly this year?
Jackson: This year I've been playing linebacker- middle linebacker, but in college I'll play on the outside.

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest right now?
Jackson: I'd say Mississippi State, Auburn, West Virginia, and Georgia is starting too. I'm hearing from a whole bunch of schools including Indiana and Georgia Tech.

Which one is your favorite would you say at this point?
Jackson: I like Georgia even though I haven't gotten an offer yet, and Mississippi State and Auburn too.

Are you still hearing from Clemson?
Jackson: I probably haven't heard from Clemson in almost 2 months- it's been a while.

Have you set any official visits yet?
Jackson: Yeah, I'm going to Indiana on December 10th and Mississippi State on January 6th. Those are the only two I've got right now.

Which coach from Clemson has been in touch with you the most?
Jackson: Burton Burns, but like I said- I haven't heard from them in about 2 months now. It's been a long time. I heard from them a lot early on though.

When will you be looking to decide on your school of choice?
Jackson: As soon as I get back from official visits I'll probably decide but not before then.

What about Avery and Jeramie, some people are saying that ya'll all want to play together, do you think that will happen?
Jackson: We want it to. Both of them have the grades to get into Georgia Tech right now and I've got a 2.8, and they want a 3.4, so I've got some work to do but we'll see. I've been hearing from Georgia Tech but I don't have an offer yet. We'd all like to play together in college- that's definitely important to us.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Jarvis for taking the time to speak with us. As it stands now, it appears as though the Tigers have backed off of the Washington trio.

Burton Burns was the main recruiter for all three prospects but it appears as though the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets may be the team to beat here. Jackson insisted on more than one occasion that the trio would like to play at the same school, and obviously that doesn't appear to be in the cards for the Tigers.

Georgia Tech and Mississippi State will likely be the teams to beat here.

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