BOWDEN: Tigers Consider Changes

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden talks about his team's first practice since Saturday night's loss to Alabama.


WHAT WAS YOUR FEEL ON THE TEAM TODAY? I think they will [bounce back]. They were a little embarrassed. Which they should be and I am too. If you have a lot of pride you would be embarrassed. I think as the week goes, they'll recover. Like I said, we opened up with Georgia that one year and lost 30-0. I gave them the example of South Carolina beating Georgia last year. Georgia has Matt Stafford and Knowshon Mareno and they didn't score a touchdown then we they bounced back and responded. Then Virginia Tech against LSU. They gave up 600 yards last year and bounced back and won the ACC. That happens. I don't think anybody went undefeated last year- it's how you respond to a loss. I gave those examples and said hey, 'teams like that respond.'

DID YOU ADJUST ANYTHING TODAY AT PRACTICE? The only thing we did is we try to get a meal in them [before practice]. So I met with the seniors at 3:45 and met with the team at 4. Special teams for an hour. We had dinner right there. They took the dinner in the meeting because it's hard to get all of that in. That's the only thing we changed from a practice standpoint.

DO YOU ANTICIPATE ANY MORE HITTING THIS WEEK DURING PRACTICE? I don't know. I've got to make sure we solve the problem. I'm going to think about that hard tonight when we meet as a staff and do practice schedule.

DO YOU ROLL BACK AND RECONSIDER EVERY POSITION WHERE YOU HAD REAL PROBLEMS? Yeah but I'm going to wait until I announce those. But we are looking at personnel [changes]. There might be a couple of personnel changes.

IS HUTCHINSON BACK? He has been reactivated. He's turned his meal money in. Per Diem money in for being a coach. He's back on the field. Bobby is a pretty good putty guy- he can play either guard and play center. Center is the bigger issue.

WHAT ABOUT MATT SANDERS? We'd kind of like to redshirt to him.

ARE YOU INCLINED TO PULL THE REDSHIRT OF BRANDON THOMPSON? Oh no. Not right now. That's just the first game. I can remember that game, like talking about physicality- I was surprised about how Virginia Tech got physically whipped that time at LSU. Then they played pretty physical the rest of the year. I want to see if that's the problem.

WAS THERE ANY CONSIDERATION TO PUT ANOTHER QB LATE IN THE GAME ONCE IT WAS OUT OF REACH? I thought about it just a little bit. It just crossed my mind. It crossed my mind. But I didn't want to give any perception to the team that we weren't going to go out there and try to score every possession with the best guys we have on the field. I didn't want to give that perception to the team. And right now we've got a first team and a second team [QB].

DID A HEATED EXCHANGE OCCUR BETWEEN JAMIE CUMBIE AND VIC KOENNING? In my tenure here there's been several heated exchanges. But if there was, then I surely wouldn't announce it to the public. I never have. If there is an internal matter, I keep it internal. Top Stories